Lore is not a rocket science! DMC Pt.1

Jan 21 2019 5 min read

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The new trailer of the legendary slasher was released and a lot of you will, surely, get to this franchise again. It was a 5-year break for Dante and Vergil(not those, you know, ancient ones, if don't, google please), so it is a good idea to refresh your memory of demon brothers, their friends and foes.

The lead characters of series are half-demon, half-human entities. They are descendants of the most powerful demon the universe has ever known, Sparda, and beautiful mortal woman, Eva. Both brothers hold the immense strength of demonic race and some useless human properties like compassion, care for people and love for family. However, they have taken completely different paths.


Dante — series protagonist and the most prominent playable char, younger of twins, sons of Sparda and Eva.

His fashionable look during franchise, Dante changed tons of outfit, but in each part he has some significant features, such as blonde, I would say, even, grey hair and obvious love for the red colour in attire.

The laid-back, frivolous and talkative, Dante gets in a lot of trouble; he doesn't show any fear even facing the mightiest enemies. He acts neglectful of others, but, in fact, he bears a strong sense of justice and prefers a fair fight. As human is a week creature, he never fights them. For quite a long period, until Devil May Cry 3 actions, he rejected his demon alter-ego and identified himself as woman, sorry, simple human. Dante enjoys the combat. Usually, he restrains powers having a visibly weaker opponent, but the second he sees that the enemy is powerful, our hero unleashes full potential.

The protagonist loves taking on missions just for fun, even if they do not bring him any revenue. He refuses to take a job if he does not like it. Many of the clients find it very profitable as one can not only get Devil Hunter work for free, but also charge him for the damage afterwards. That’s why he always complains to be in debt. Dante possesses immense physical power. Even before Devil May Cry 3, when He fully accepted the evil side, he easily smashed powerful enemies. The only two opponents that Dante was fighting seriously were Mundus and Vergil.

His reflexes and speed are also something to envy. This guy can catch bullets with his teeth (don't try this at home,kids). Also, Dante is noted for inhuman agility, as this spider-male can run up vertical surfaces, balance on a rocket and jump on a great height. His durability is way beyond normal as he can survive critical wounds that are fatal for demons, let alone humans. Combine this with fast healing and you get almost immortal super strong high-speed acrobat/demon hunter.

And when Dante uses his Devil Trigger... Oh, man... That’s the whole other level of skills! Turning into a full-time demon, increases strength, healing abilities and speed, also provides the ability to fly.

Dante has a broad range of weaponry and is very skillful in using them all. Usually carries Ebony & Ivory, custom-made twin handguns, and Rebellion a memento sword form Sparda. In Devil May Cry 3 he takes a demon-forged sword, the source of god-like power, Force Edge as his main weapon.


Vergil — the elder twin and one of the main characters in the DMC franchise. When Eva dies, the elder son rejects his human side and gets on a journey to obtain the real demonic strength. As Dante tries to live his life as human, the first son fully accepts his demon nature and willing to gain even more power as “without strength you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself.”

As for the appearance, Vergil is quite like his younger brother (twins, remember?), but his style is pretty much different of Dante’s. He prefers to dress in silver and blue, and combs the hair back.

Vergil’s character is reserved, cold and calm, comparing to brother's. Unlike Dante, Vergil does not care of people around. The only things he cares about are father's Katana Yamato and his part half of Eva's Perfect Amulet. However, this samurai maintains kind of own moral codex — he does not strike from the back and prefers a fair fight.

Twin brothers have been very close while growing up. And even though their lives turned totally opposite, brothers seem to remain a kind of bond. It was clearly visible in their teamwork during a fight with Arkham in Batman comics, sorry,  Devil May Cry 3, as they exchanged swords mid fight and finished their enemy together using Dante’s handguns.

The elder brother possesses superhuman strength. He was even able to overpower Dante in their confrontation, but it happened because Dante had not fully awaken his true power yet. After that, he matched Dante’s abilities and skills. He can also jump higher that any other human, and perform various other tricks and spins. With such talent him and Dante could build a career in acrobatics. Cirque du Soleil would sell their souls for such skills. During fights Vergil can take on a huge damage and still to be able to continue a fight. He needs just a few moments to rest. He is also able to heal very fast due to demonic blood in his veins.

Vergil can use any weapon that gets into his hands. Although, usually, he dismisses all firearm and stays true to the melee combat. The skilled swordsman can spin the blade insanely fast, so that raindrops will not reach the ground (imagine this umbrella, huh). With superhuman speed and agility he stops bullets mid-air. In the fight, he uses Yamato with one hand and, usually has the scabbard in another. The scabbard itself can be used as a weapon. When Vergil’s Devil Trigger is activated, scabbard becomes a part of his hand.

That's all, folks! In the second part I will give you profiles of Nero and Trish. Hoping, You enjoy lore articles as much as I do. See You next week.


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