Lore is not a rocket science

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Lore is not a rocket science

Darksiders Part 1: Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Waiting for a new Darksiders game, I’ve found that people don’t know much about the deep lore of this Apocalyptic warfare world. So, I want to refresh your knowledge of the story in a hasty manner, without epic scenes and other unneeded stuff. We are starting with The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. This is not “top” and Nephilims are listed almost randomly. Enjoy!

Long long time ago, lived a demon queen, who considered herself a very nice geneticist, so she created monsters of different sizes and shapes. Once she came up with an idea “What if I combine angel’s and demon’s genes. Nothing bad happens, right?” - she thought. And it became the only thing what Lilith is famous for. Firstborn, Absalom(no other Nephilim names are known) has become a brother and a king for a new powerful race. Being a teenager, this “independent” and “mature” Nephilim, Absalom decides to move out mother’s home and live his own life in his own world. With a support of his younger brothers, he begins his crusade to find an affordable household for a living. Unfortunately, crusade collapses and almost all Nephilim die after four rebels betray their race and become the Four Horsemen.

I'm a feminist so….

Fury, having-it-all middle-aged lady with floating red hair has arrived riding her stylish black horse. She uses magic and kinky blade whip to destroy enemies. The only female Nephilim alive she is an equal(or even stronger) with her brothers in warcraft and powers. She doesn't want to cover her hands with blood so among her warrior brothers she possesses more magical long-ranged skills. Fury appears to be more sly and unpredictable than other Horsemen. She desires to become the leader of the quartet, but this is hard to promote in the Apocalyptic “man’s world”. Also, this lady is going to be the headliner of Darksiders 3.

War… War never changes...

The youngest Horseman, riding brand new red Ferrari sport-horse and getting into troubles. The War, being the main protagonist of the first game, is the second most recognizable character of Darksiders franchise. He was imprisoned for hundred years by The Charred Council for starting Apocalypse too fast. The youngest brother uses massive power-sword and power-fist stolen from Warhammer, I mean, Armageddon Blade and Tremor Gauntlet. 

He is looking for justice and tries to show that he is mature and doesn't need Death’s help anymore. I suppose, we will meet this DarksidersGeralt(grey hair, come on) again.

Project codename: Strife

I am so sorry for the non-official image of this Horseman. Not sure when Strife will be presented in games, but we know some facts about him. He carries two big guns Mercy and Redemption and mounts The White Horse. We can find Mercy for War in Darksiders and Redemption for Death in Darksiders 2 The only marksman among brothers is characterized as impatient, sarcastic and rude.
I’m dying to see this character(even non-playable) in the game, praying to see him in Darksiders 3.

Darksiders Punisher

The greatest, the most powerful, the oldest and the most popular thing of Darksiders franchise - Harvester scythe, just kidding. An awesome leader of The Four Horsemen Death, a.k.a Rider of Death, a.k.a Reaper and just a nice guy. The creator of Grand Abominations uses Double Scythes, Necromancy and awesome slender body to smash enemies and lock all of his creations. He was among Firstborn Nephilims, it is he who made the deadliest weapons from the bodies of the whole race(nice surgeon, huh?). Pale horse rider brought three younger Nephilims to serve the Charred Council. Death is the protagonist of Darksiders 2, so we might see his cameo in the third game, as the action of two games is at the same timeline.  

The story of Darksiders world does not finish on Four Horsemen. There are Angels versus Demons holy wars and loads of different creatures. If You want to find out more about the Lore of Darksiders, monsters, setting of this franchise or any other universes, let me know in the comments below.

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