LordKnight releases his Granblue Fantasy: Versus tier list

May 13 2020 2 min read

LordKnight releases his Granblue Fantasy: Versus tier list ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

American fighting game pro, Steve "LordKnight" Barthelemy has been a fan of anime fighters for a while now, so his interest in Granblue Fantasy: Versus came as no surprise.

Following the games version 1.31 patch, LordKnight decided to share his take on Granblue Fantasy: Versus’ roster. Starting from the top, we see Gran, Ferry, Percival, and Djeeta in S-tier. As the beastcoast player believes Gran feels mostly unchanged, it makes sense that his better recovery and long combo clone, Djeeta would be right up here with him. Ferry’s changes also don’t affect pro players, while Percival has become super strong to earn a spot here.

From this point on, LordKnight’s tier list doesn’t have each tier in order. While Ladiva could be an A+ character, he presently sits in S- along with Katalina, Lancelot, and Charlotta. The latter three have always been strong in his opinion, and Lancelot’s changes weren’t as damaging as some think.

Although he placed Zeta and Narmaya in A+, LordKnight believes that they could be S- characters. The former is more consistent now, while the latter is stronger than she was. As for Metera, she’s more-or-less the same character before the patch with good setups.

Due to no image available for Zooey, LordKnight used Belial’s icon for her instead, calling her pressure and neutrals very good. She, Soriz, and Vaseraga could also easily rise to A+, but Beelzebub belongs where he is due to good tools but a slow walk speed. Lastly alone in low-tier is Lowain, who still can’t seem to catch a break because of how inconsistent he is.


LordKnight has also been a Dragon Ball FighterZ player since its release. His best performances this year include a second-place finish in Frosty Faustings XII and a 17th-24th out of 200+ players in the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2019-20 LCQ.

LordKnight also has his eye on the upcoming fighting game from Arc System Works, Guilty Gear -Strive- Watch him in action in the video below as he shares his thoughts on the tier list.


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