LoL. E-Sport news: 18.11 - 24.11

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E-Sport news: 18.11 - 24.11


[North America/Europe] Not so far IEM Cologne has been ended, where Russian team Gambit Gaming took the deserved first place, and their old opponent Fnatic took the second place.

[Oceania] LPL Summer Playoff finished last weekend and defined three winning teams. The first place went to Positive Energy team, the second – to OMG, and the third – to Team WE.

[World] Riot Games have provided the information on the number of viewers of World Championship Season 3. In total, the event was viewed by 32 million people, and it’s a record in e-sports at the moment.

[North America/Europe] Also Riot Games announced the Preseason schedule, events of which will begin on December 12. You can have a look at the mentioned schedule by following this reference (

[North America] North American Challenger League (also known as Salty league) came to the last (eighth) week of the season among the teams Challengers. We remind you that the prize pool of the tournament is $ 35,000.

[North America/Europe] Season 4 Promotion Qualifier (for each region) will start soon! 16 teams from North America will compete for two seeds in Season 4 NA LCS Promotion. Also 8 teams from EUW and 8 teams from EUNE will compete for getting into Season 4 EU LCS Promotion. Two seeds (one per each server) also will be at their disposal.

Napkins in Disguise and COGnitive Gaming have already received their seeds from America region.

H2k-Gaming and Salade Tomate Oignon have already received their seeds from Europa region.

Team news and changes in line-ups

[North America] Napkins in Disguise, one of the teams that have already received a seed in LCS, dismissed its basic line-up due to internal problems in the team. It is still not known who will replace them in the tournament, but Riot Games informed that the match for the third seed in Season 4 Promotion Qualifier # 2 will be held, if Napkins in Disguise will not came back with the line-up consisting of at least 3 people from the dismissed line-up.

[Europe] Pr0lly announced that he will be a free player after he was removed from compLexity team.

[Europe] Rekkles returns to Fnatic as a shooter, and puszu leaves the team.

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