LoL. CyberSport News: 2.12 - 8.12

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LoL. CyberSport News: 2.12 - 8.12


[North America / Europe] Finally the winners of Season 4 Promotion Tournament have been determined!
Finalists of America:
To Be Determined,
The Walking Zed (ex-ggLA),
COGnitive Gaming.

Finalists of Europe:
Kiesys Mialem Team,
Copenhagen Wolves.

[North America / Europe] The Battle of the Atlantic and Spring Promotion Qualifier will begin this weekend! And finally we will know who is staying aside and who receives a seed in LCS.

[Korea] OGNWinter will continue on December 11. Teams will play in 1/16 round.

[North America] North American Challenger League (also known as Salty league) came to its super-week of a season among the teams Challengers. We would like to remind you that the prize pool of the tournament amounts to $35 000.

[World] Riot announced that professional players will not be able to broadcast certain games on their channels. A little later they changed their minds and have achieved what they wanted, only with fewer restrictions - LCS players cannot sign sponsorship agreements with other organizations until they are bound by contracts with Riot.

Team news and changes in line-ups.

[North America] CLG announced that the new jungler with nickname TrickZ is joining their current line-up. They also announced that they will carry out trainings with another contender for the position of team’s jungler, the former player of Lemondogs - dexter1.

[Europe] Alternate changed its line-up because of ForellenLord leaving. kev1n joins the team and receives the position on the top lane, and Kerp becomes a central player of the team.

[China] Royal Club HZ (one of participants of Season 3 World Championship) informed that their support player Rui will return to the team soon.

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