Logi BLOK: the Family of Cases Made to be Dropped

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This is the New Shape for iPad Protection


Today Logitech introduced its first family of products under the new Logi label: the Logi™ BLOK familyof cases for iPad. Comprised of the Logi BLOK Protective Shell, the Logi BLOK Protective Case and the Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case, the BLOK family features cushioned square corners designed to help protect your iPad from drops up to six feet high and onto surfaces as hard as concrete.


“The iPad is a powerful device. But people have dropped and damaged – or are afraid that they will drop and damage – the iPad, so they typically don’t use it to its full potential,” said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech. “Until now, protecting your iPad from drops meant covering it with a bulky case that took away from the beauty and mobility of the iPad. Our designers worked with material experts to protect the most sensitive parts of the iPad without adding the bulk you associate with ultra-protective cases. With the Logi BLOK family of cases you no longer have to choose between protecting your iPad and having a beautiful case that allows you to enjoy all the functionality it has to offer.”


The cases’ square corners have unique extra-absorbent polymers to give your iPad more protection where it needs it most, the corners. The absorbent polymer structure supports and flexes with your iPad upon impact, ensuring it can withstand drops from up to six feet high and survive surfaces as hard as concrete.



Highlights of the Logi BLOK family include:


The Logi BLOK Protective Shell for iPad Air 2 and all models of iPad mini is a protective shell with a screen protector that guards the screen from scratches. The shell has a simple and sleek design that is ultra-protective, yet maintains the integrity of the iPad to make it feel as though you’re holding the iPad without a case. The Logi BLOK Protective Shell is available in black, red/violet or teal/blue for a suggested retail price of $39.99.


The Logi BLOK Protective Case for iPad Air 2 gives you the same drop protection as the protective shell, and adds an any-angle stand that firmly holds your iPad at any angle within a 50-degree range. The stand adjusts to provide a comfortable viewing angle for activities that require your eyes to be on the iPad and your hands free. When closed, the screen cover helps protect your iPad screen from direct impact. The Logi BLOK Protective Case is available in black, red/violet or teal/blue for a suggested retail price of $69.99.



The Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 is the all-in-one iPad case with four modes. Use it as a protective shell for reading or browsing the web. Kick back its any-angle stand for hands-free viewing. And when you need to type it offers a wireless, attachable or detachable keyboard that doubles as a screen cover. The keyboard features a dedicated row of iOS® shortcut keys for comfortable typing. The Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case isavailable in black or teal/blue for a suggested retail price of $129.99.


The Logi BLOK Protective Shell, the Logi BLOK Protective Case and the Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case are all expected to be available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and select countries in Europe beginning in August 2015. For more information, please visit Logitech.com, our blog or connect with us on Facebook.


Source: Logitech

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