Listen to the radio and play Doka 2

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Listen to radio and play Doka 2

An “expert” blames a terrorist act on Dota 2.

This Wednesday a 4th-year student of a college killed 21 people and committed suicide in Crimea. This terrorist act has caused a backlash on the gaming community when one person pointed out that perpetrator was visiting Dota 2 trading sites.

 A legitimate Russian radio channel Vesti FM invited an “expert” who described Dota 2 in the most obnoxious terms he could imagine without even getting the name of the game correctly.

Here is how the “expert” explained the concept of Doka 2:


  • You need to kill zombies or to be a zombie yourself.
  • You kill people in the most sophisticated ways.
  • You can create your own environment, for example a school, and kill people in it.
  • You can trade weapons on sites like “DokaTrade” to get new sophisticated weapons to kill and destroy people.
  •  There is a weapon that allows you to pull guts out of your opponent for 10 minutes. The gut pulling process in Doka 2 actually lasts 10 minutes.


I wish I was making this up, but it has really been said on a radio show and many people believed it. By the way, after that broadcast, the “expert” doubled down on Twitter and suggested that the game has “pedophileelves”.

You could say, “Let trolls be trolls”, but that broadcast potentially has real-life repercussions. A Russian lawmaker Evgeny Marchenko has called for a ban on gaming sites. Here is what he said:


— We need to shut down Internet sites, connected to video games. We must ban and close them, to save the phycological health of our youth.


It’s so easy to blame a tragedy on games, as if Dota 2 was the reason why that young person snapped and decided to kill his peers. Yet video games exist for about 40 years and no one has managed to prove that playing correlates with violence.


Let’s just hope that someone knowledgeable explains to that lawmaker and to the people on Vesti FM that the “expert” whose name won’t even be mentioned on this site is just a troll.

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