List of invited teams for IEM Katowice is revealed

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List of invited teams for IEM Katowice is revealed

9 regions 46 teams. The list is complete.

As a Mecca for all players of Counter-Strike is definitely a Major, $1,000,000 tournament supported by developers from Valve where every player wants to show his potential. In 2018, we had Major events. One in Boston (USA), second in Europe (London). For the next year, It was already announced that legendary IEM Katowice in Poland will host the first Major tournament of 2019. The format is unlike in other games. For example in League of Legends, you have to participate in LCS to compete in World Champions. However in Counter-Strike, any team, any player can go through the qualifier (looong qualifier tbh) to book a ticket in the Major tournament.

The eight best teams in Europe, North America, and CIS will then face-off against the eight teams invited in each region in a closed qualifier. In Latin America, Oceania, China, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and The Middle East, the teams that will make it through the closed portion of the qualifiers will be “only” four. Two teams from each open qualifier will move on to the closed qualifier, from which several teams will move on the Minors

Now, we are happy to announce the complete list of all teams, who try their luck in qualifiers:



Finland ENCE

Denmark Heroic

Europe mousesports

Denmark North

Denmark OpTic

Turkey ex-Space Soldiers

Poland Kinguin


North America

United States eUnited

Canada Ghost

Brazil Luminosity

United States NRG

United States Rogue

United States Spacestation

United States Swole Patrol

United States Envy


CIS Gambit

Russia Spirit

Kazakhstan AVANGAR

Ukraine pro100

Russia forZe

Russia Monolith

Belarus Nemiga

Russia Winstrike


Brazil INTZ

Brazil Sharks

Argentina Isurus

Brazil Imperial


Australia Renegades

New Zealand Tainted Minds

Australia Grayhound

Australia ORDER


China ViCi

China Flash

China CyberZen

China 5POWER

Southeast Asia

Singapore BOOT-d[S]

Thailand Signature

Thailand Beyond

Asia TBD

East Asia

Korea MVP PK

Japan SCARZ Absolute

Korea GOSU

Mongolia Storm Rider

Middle East

Israel Uniquestars

Jordan FATE

United Arab Emirates NASR

Other TBD

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