Lina and Crystal Maiden Dota 2 Lore

Oct 22 2020 4 min read

A series of Dota 2 heroes' lore-based stories seasoned with author's fantasy

Once upon a time, there was a man and woman who formed a respectable family. They had two daughters — the eldest was named Lina, the youngest was Rylai. Since the day when they were born, the girls were as different as ice and fire. In the most real sense of the meaning: Lina had magical powers to ignite everything around, and Rylai could to freeze all things living and lifeless. And, to the great regret of their parents, the sisters could not live in peace with each other...

The decision

Sands of Luxor Loading Screen by Valve

— Lina set Rylai's dress on fire again.

— What is it this time?

— You know her. She doesn't even need a reason, explodes with anger at one glance. And Rylai can't really defend herself. She goes to her room, crying and throwing ice against the wall.

— Maybe we should think about what I suggested last time?

— What, send them to relatives? We can't do it here without them ...

— My darling, their constant fights have already ruined most of our house. We cannot afford to endure it any longer. It's better for them, believe me. Anyway, they can stay with relatives for a while, calm down and come home again, to us. Or they can visit us separately.

— Well, Lina can travel to her aunt in Misrule, and Rylai to Icewrack?

— Yes, that's wise. It's for the best.

The Desert of Misrule

Fiery Slayer Loading Screen by Valve

— "Lina here," cried out aunty, hugging a girl with ginger hair in a red dress.

The Desert of Misrule welcomed its new guest with a scorching sun, unbearable heat during the day, and cold nights near the fireplace — all things Lina loves. Sometimes, Lina performed tricks with fire that she learned from the Solar Goddess's acolytes in the eastern Scintillant Waste. They attracted a relatively big crowd to her new home. Everyone wanted to entertain their boring and cold evenings, watching an exotic and rather beautiful girl who tamed fire.

Despite her dangerous and challenging nature, Lina was very popular among men of the Desert. Once, a son of a high-ranking Lord of Misrule decided to marry the wayward fiery Lina and even presented her with a royal dress specially sewed for her. He showed up at the doorstep of Lina's aunt's house with his entourage and, declaring his desire to marry, ordered Lina to get ready.

"Burn, baby, burn," said Lina and immediately stunned and burnt that arrogant, insolent fellow down on the same spot.

The dress, however, remained unscathed because Lina liked it.

Years passed, and the girl, who had not previously been able to cope with her gift, practiced daily taming the fire. Lina was angry if something didn't work out for her and her hair turned into a pillar of fire, her eyes turned bright yellow, and her hands were engulfed in flames, which did not harm her (the same could not be said about the environment. Fortunately, that the desert sands don't fear of fire). 

Legends of the hot temper and exceptional talents of Lina the Slayer, who could create a fiery dragon with the help of her talent and abilities, are firmly entrenched in the stories of the Desert of Misrule's local inhabitants.


Blueheart Maiden Loading Screen by Valve

An ice storm raged around the tiny girl, there was a severe frost, and instead of soft snow, sharp ice floes circled.

"Ice is nice!" Rylai laughed and lowered her staff.

From the day her parents sent her to the inhospitable cold northern realm of Icewrack, she could play around with snow, whirlwinds, snowballs, and ice floes as much as she liked. Until one day the Ice Wizard discovered her.

Together, they climbed a sacred mountain called the Blueheart Glacier, where the magician initiated the blue-eyed-girl into the mysteries of ice magic, giving her the name Crystal Maiden.

Like her older sister, Rylai had a hard time: training daily to tame her extraordinary talent was exhausting. But, unlike the wayward Lina, the younger sister was meek, obedient, and assiduous. She enthusiastically listened to the old magician's stories and absorbed all the knowledge that he gave her.

One day, the Ice Wizard told Crystal Maiden that she'd prepared enough for the real world with all its danger and that she has the courage to fight enemies. 

"I taught you all that I knew in Frozen Arts. Now I feel peace and finally can descend into the glacier to hibernate for a thousand years. Remember, Crystal Maiden, and it's all fun and games until someone's frozen solid." With these words, the Ice Wizard left Rylai.

"Let it begin!" replied Rylai to the silence of the Blueheart Glacier and went to find more snow-covered fun.

The end… or not?

Lina vs. Crystal Maiden

Our dear reader will witness countless fights of talented but implacable sisters on the Dota 2 battlefield.

"My heart will never thaw toward you, sister!" Lina hissed, flashing eyes and kindling fire in her hands,.

"Lina, you hellfire bitch!" Rylai replies, freezing her with Frostbite.

This battle has no end until one of the sisters finds a way to reconcile both fire and ice. Who will be the victor?


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