Lifetime ban for sexual violence in the Smash community

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Lifetime ban for sexual violence in the Smash community

Code of Conduct panel reverses decision

Following its previous verdict on cases involving Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth and Kayla “Mew2Queen” Mackay, the Super Smash Bros. Conduct Panel has changed its stance on sexual violence. 

The Super Smash Bros. Conduct Panel is a voluntary group of individuals that provides a code of ethics used to protect members of the community. These rules are enforced by tournament organizers that have a seat on the panel.

The Conduct Panel recently decided to ban CaptainZack and Mew2Queen for offenses of match-fixing and sexual violence, respectively. However, the length of their punishments led to a lot of backlash within the community. The panel reconvened to review its decision and eventually extended the duration for sexual harassment to a lifetime ban.

Mew2Queen had become a pillar of the Smash community, championing the fight against sexual assault. Unknown to most, she had actually perpetuated the same acts she was fighting against. Fellow Smash player Alex Wallace eventually came forward out of fear of Mew2Queen using Smash Sisters to find even more victims. Mew2Queen was found guilty of the offense and banned with a chance for appeal after two and a half years.

In the case of CaptainZack, he publicly admitted to match-fixing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while trying to clarify the situation between him and retired pro player Elliot Bastien “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce. The scandal had originally been about 27-year-old Ally dating a 16-year-old CaptainZack, but it soon shifted focus to match-fixing, which was instigated by CaptainZack himself. For his offense, he first received a temporary suspension from the initial hearing. However, upon review, it was changed to an indefinite ban with a chance for appeal after five years. 

This turn of events led to an uproar, as it appeared that match-fixing was being treated by the panel as a more significant offense than sexual violence. The panel’s statement read; 

"Effective immediately, all instances of sexual violence will be punished by a lifetime ban. This includes but is not limited to the recently released decision regarding Mew2Queen." 

As a result, all past cases of sexual assault will also be revisited, with the chance of more permanent bans being dropped on offenders. Match-fixing is also considered worthy of a lifetime ban, but with CaptainZack being a victim that lashed out against Ally, his circumstances warranted some leniency.

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