Let’s watch new Crackdown 3 gameplay

Feb 02 2019 2 min read

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Crackdown 3 is a third-person open-world shooter. The release of the game is scheduled in about two weeks, February 15 on the Xbox One.

The Arekkz YouTube channel provided single gameplay for viewing, where he played  agent Isaiah Jaxon (played by Terry Crews)

We remind you that the release date of the game, announced at E3 2014, was postponed for more than six months, until the current February. Now players have the opportunity to evaluate the game not only by official trailers:

But also looking at the gameplay of other players, for example, IGN

But something went wrong with the presentation of the last video. No, it's not about the video itself, everything is fine with it. Just look through comments under the video at the reaction of subscribers and viewers of the channel: it seems that the game didn’t meet their expectations.

The current ratio of likes and dislikes is still equal, which causes mixed feelings. Crackdown 3 confidently "does not fit" the gaming community despite the Microsoft Azure cloud technology, as well as the bright and colourful wrapper.

As GameSpot journalist Peter Brown said in his recent game review for the site, “Fans asked for something, and by all evidence, Microsoft is aiming to give them what they want: the experience of reliving the original Crackdown with a fresh coat of paint. It will be interesting to see how others revel or revile when confronted with the seemingly matter-of-fact approach to the campaign. I expect impassioned positions on both sides.” 

It seems that Crackdown 3 will have a hard time in a battle with competitors, but we hope that fans of the game will like it, despite the first impressions.


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