Learn how to play Gumiho’s mech TvP from GSL ST

Apr 22 2019 2 min read

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Last weekend, we witnessed GSL Super Protoss Tournament featuring 7 Protoss players and Gumiho, the only one Terran in the top 8. 

Throughout the years Gumiho became known as a StarCraft 2 player with two characteristic features:

— He has a unique style of play and isn’t afraid to bust out new strategies.

— On a good day, he can beat just about anyone in the world. He can also lose against weaker opponents.

These features made him especially interesting in a bracket with 7 world-class Protoss players, as Terrans are struggling against Protoss these days (I’m sorry, Maru) and Gumiho could be someone to show new ways to play TvP. And he didn’t fail to deliver — we saw an innovative mech strategy which had a lot of success.

Example of Gumiho’s TvP mech:

Gumiho TvP mech build order breakdown:

  • Reaper into expand.
  • 2:10 — Factory, build marines/
  • 2:20 — Second Refinery.
  • 2:36 — Techlab on the Barracks.
  • 3:00 — Cyclone into a Widow Mine from the Factory with Techlab built by the Barracks (which flies away to build a Reactor).
  • 3:12 — Starport, which upon completion flies to the original Techlab to build a Raven. Start Banshee Cloak when possible. 
  • The Factory makes its own Techlab and starts producing Siege Tanks. The Barracks, upon finishing the Reactor, pumps out Marines.
  • 5:45 — Build two Armories. Start Hyperflight Rotors (Banshee Speed). Add two Factories when possible, one with a Tachlab, the other with Reactor for Hellbats.
  • Harass with the Banshees and move out for the first attack around minute 8. In some games, Gumiho used Ravens to harass as well, mostly when he was behind due to a bad early game.

The mech strategy and various bio-tank strategies helped Gumiho crush Stats and Parting on the way to the finals. In many games, he would open with quick Banshees, pushing back the Stimpack timing.

In the finals, Gumiho faced Classic, the 2019 GSL Season 1 Runner-up, who had played against Maru in the finals. The hours put into preparations into the previous finals really showed yesterday and helped the former SKT Protoss win 4:1. Gumiho missed a couple of opportunities, — for example, he could close the first game with an SCV push and died later because he didn’t bother to build more than one Starport while sitting on maxed out supply for over a minute.

Overall, Gumiho had a great run, and Classic received a victory he deserved.

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