League of Legends: update 6.10 and Taliyah spotlight

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Today Riot Games posted huge patch notes of new League of Legends update 6.10

Today Riot Games posted huge patch notes of new League of Legends update 6.10. Of course, main theme of the update is fixing the mages because after the gigantic patch 6.9, which introduced new Dragons and reworked a bunch of champions and items, this one's a little simpler, tweaking some of those changes for balance as we forge ahead into the Summer Season.

You can also read the full patch notes here, but here's the important stuff:

Mage adjustments

Cassiopeia, Vladimir and Swain, three of the underperformers in the patch, got buffs. Cass's poison abilities ("Q" and "W") now have increased range, while Vladimir and Swain's ultimate abilities heal them for more.

Dragon adjustments

The Ocean Drake, which gives bonus regeneration to health and mana, will now only apply when out-of-combat. The Mountain Drake, which gives bonus damage against towers and epic monsters, no longer amplifies true damage. For both Dragons, the general concept remains the same, it's just slightly less overpowering.

Taliyah will be released!

We've been waiting for the Stoneweaver since she was hinted at and now she's finally here. Check here spotlight video!

Champion Mastery Level 6 and 7 coming

Ever since the champion mastery system was introduced, allowing players to track their progress playing on a certain champion, it was capped at Level 5.

Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 are coming this patch.

Mastery Levels 6 and 7 better emphasize skill by requiring S grades from matchmade games. We’re emphasizing a performance requirement alongside a dedication component (the time needed to unlock free chests or earn IP for champ shards or permanent loot) to build on the original system’s blend of skill and participation. Keep an eye out for a larger announcement soon!

On top of that, the devs fixed a lot of bugs, added new skins, updated champion splashes and did many other things. One might say there are not as many changes as we'd like to see but the company are still estimating how players are getting used to the middle of the season.

Full patch notes of update 6.10 can be found here

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