League of Legends Patch 10.8 notes

Apr 15 2020 2 min read
Riot Games

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Riot has released the patch notes for the latest League of Legends update, 10.8, which brings a couple of champion tweaks, changes to death, and jungler adjustments. There are also a few bugfixes, some quality of life changes, one-for-all balance changes, and practice tool additions.

Here’s a breakdown of what League of Legends patch 10.8 has to offer:


Fourteen champions receive adjustments with this patch, with six of them getting nerfs while Aphelios has a nerf and reworks. The Hitman and the Seer received 2/4/6/8/10/12 lethality instead of 3/6/9/12/15/18 percent bonus armor penetration. Meanwhile, Weapons of the Faithful now has its base damage, and cooldowns scaled from the first to thirteenth level but also receives the same rework that The Hitman and the Seer did.

Other nerfs included are Kalista getting a reduction in armor, Master Yi’s Highlander attack speed dropping, and Senna’s Mist Wraith spawn chance dropping. Sett’s Haymaker base damage reducing, Varus’Chain of Corruption cooldown increasing, and Xayah’s Bladecaller losing some of its additional feather hit damage penalty.

The champions that received buffs are Ashe, Ryze, Urgot, Tristana, Soraka, Orianna, and Evelynn.

Jungle changes

Jungle items now have 50% increased healing when below 30% of maximum health, which should help new junglers survive. The minion gold penalty for junglers has also changed from 50% to 40% and expires after 20 minutes instead of 14 minutes.

Death changes

Homeguard returns, so players will receive a small movement speed buff after dying. This change reduces the time required to travel to the lane by 2.5 seconds. Solo kills will also provide 20% more experience up to level six, while assisted kills receive a 20% reduction. 

Practice tool additions

Players can now add and subtract 100 HP from the target dummy/bot, and the same applies to armor/MR, but by 10. Then there’s the new 600s time fast forward for the game clock.

Baron Nashor and Rift Herald can now be spawned in neutral camps while players can kill their characters (suicide). Riot has also introduced Full Stack Legend Alacrity, Manaflow Band, Zombie Ward, Ghost Poro, Eyeball Collection, Ravenous Hunter, Ingenious Hunter, Relentless Hunter, Ultimate Hunter runes, and the Legends Tenacity and Bloodline.


You can find the full League of Legends patch 10.8 notes here on the official website:


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