League of Legends: IG vs FNC, Finals.

Nov 05 2018 5 min read

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Overall, the finals were quite promising for Fnatic. It was unexpected that Fnatic could make it so far in this tournament. League of Legends fans were not sure what is going to happen next, it seemed like Fnatics got some real chances to defeat Invictus Gaming(IG). But still, IG crashed FNC with 3 wins in a row, securing the win for LPL region. Nevertheless, all the work that FNC have done through the whole tournament, has opened a bright future for the Europe region and gave everyone hope. 

Game 1

  • FNC: Pretty good setup for engaging or disengaging, has some snowball potential but lacks at AP

  • IG: Strong control/damage based composition at once. Sion, Kamila, Lissandra, Kaisa and Alistar. A lot of control, damage and peeling for late AD Carry - Kaisa.

Considering that FNC and IG are playing at the same skill level, IG already got better chances for winning with that composition, let’s see what happened further.

Early game:

Laning phase was pretty good for both sides. Broxah tried to land an early gang at the middle lane, but it’s hard to do it when you miss your Q as Lee Sin and Caps misses his W on Lissandra. Later on, FNC bot lane made an attempt for a middle gang, which has failed once again, as Lissandra is pretty hard to catch. Literally, a few minutes later, IG Ning visited middle to land a kill. IG Ning and IG Rookie managed to root Caps and kill him, securing the first blood for IG. FNC Broxah has made an attempt to make a counter gang but it ventured into a fail.  Sometime later, IG managed to get the first tower followed by the second one, while Rekkles destroyed a bottom lane tower.

Middle Game:

While IG TheShy was slowly backing to the base, he got caught by FNC Broxah and slayed. FNC decided to take Herold, which forced IG to make an attempt to stop them and it turned out successfully, giving them a Herold and 3 kills with only 1 kill for FNC. IG instantly decides to make a great macro-play. The entire team went to botlane, caught Urgot alone and caught Irelia later on. Using their Herold, IG acquires 2 towers and 4 kills establishing the 5k gold difference. 

Late Game

With such a huge gold difference, IG felt free to initiate Baron without any warnings. The first, try at the Baron has failed for IG but they acquired 2 kills. The second time they got Baron, finally, following up with a great teamfight from IG. FNC Caps managed to take 2 players out, however, IG were already too powerful, having no issues with winning one more team fight and ending the game.

Game 2

  • FNC: Good scaling, over time setup with decent cc and tankiness. But they should’ve banned Alistar!

  • IG: Incredibly powerful botlane, one-shot midlane and Irelia top, that sounds too dangerous in the hands of LPL team IG. Who let them manage such a pick?

Early game

The good-managed gang from IG Ning on the top lane from early on, giving IG the first blood at 5th minute, 1.5k gold lead. But Ning decides that he can come once again. This decision provided IG with a second kill. Caps missed his combo with a flash - ultimate on the middle, solo kill attempt - failed.

A few minutes later, Broxah visits top lane to revenge Bwipo, killing Irelia. But Ning has visited once again and killed Urgot.

Middle Game

FNC have initiated infernal dragon, Ning manages to steal it from Broxah and Urgot got killed once again. The 4th death from Bwipo already, following with a gang on top lane to kill Bwipo 5th time. Sad.

Broxah got caught by IG, which led to a lost Herold and destroyed the tower at midlane.

Overall, FNC were not careful this game and Bwipo gave too much advantage to the enemy team, which led to Broxah paying too much attention to the top lane.

Late Game

While IG were pushing the bot lane, FNC tried to sneak the Baron. FNC got their baron but IG needed only 3 members to kill the entire team, meanwhile, Lucian destroyed the bottom towers and inhibitor. With 10k gold difference already IG needed just to split push and keep the game pressure, as exactly they did.

Game 3

  • FNC: Good AoE damage and control

  • IG: High mobility, more tanks, armour-piercing damage and control, obviously a win.

Early game

In the early game, FNC manages to catch Rakan, acquiring firstblood. An inaccurate path from FNC gave a kill to IG one minute later. IG was trying to land a kill at the mid lane but Caps manages to survive a few HP. Right away, Broxah is following with a successful gang on the top lane. While IG makes a successful gang at the bottom lane, Rookie almost destroyed Caps, but help from TheShy was required, acquiring one more kill for IG.

Middle game

  • Once again, FNC decisions in these game series poorly considered. They tried to make a teamfight but lost 3 members of a team. And a few minutes later, IG landed an ace at the bottom lane. While FNC tried to be overly-careful, Thresh and Viktor are getting caught by IG, giving them the 6k gold lead.

Late game

After successful infernal dragon, I G is moving to Baron. Broxah manages to steal the Baron for FNC, such a beautiful play from FNC jungler. IG tries to follow FNC but FNC were managing their counterattack successfully and killed 3 members of IG. It seemed like FNC got some chances for a comeback, but IG got too much advantage already, so they were just waiting till the Baron buff is off. A few minutes later IG decided to push forward the bottom lane, acquiring 3rd tower and inhibitor. Rakan is making a great engage with a flash, taunting the entire enemy team, followed by Galio ultimate, which made this teamfight a spectacular and well-deserved victory for IG.


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