League of Legends 8.20 patch Ezreal Update and more

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League of Legends 8.20 patch Ezreal Update and more

Nerfs, Ezreal visuals, Nerfs, New Skins and more Nerfs

The new patch unlike the previous one with a lot of buffs, brings tons of nerfs. Moreover, Ezreal is getting visual updates and his is getting changed. His lore is going to be adjusted a bit to merge into League of Legends world better. His abilities, movements and auto-attack visuals will be updated and his (Essence Flux) instead of going as a straight line is going to be rather a ring of energy. When Ezreal will use another ability on the target he puts the ring on, the ring will explode. This ability can be casted on objectives too.

Coming back to nerfs, Ahri, Evelynn, Graves, Jhin, Nami, and Sion are getting nerfed. Jhin is definitely getting most of Riot’s attention in this patch.

Dark Harvest is getting nerfed as well. After previous nerf of Domination, most of the junglers were choosing between Dark Harvest and Predator. Turned our Dark Harvest can be dangerous in the right hands, so Riot Games decided to bring some more balance to their game. 

Alongside with Ezreal’s visuals and nerfs, League of Legends developers decided to treat you a little bit, so if Jhin was your main, you will take it like a champ. So, such skins as Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger (1820 RP), Infernal Amumu (1350 RP) and Hextech Malzahar (Craftable only) are going to be released.

Let's not forget that League of Legends World Championship is still in process, you can check the schedule, standings and watch games online on League of Legends official website 

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