League of Legends 2018 Worlds Play-In Stage Results

Oct 05 2018 5 min read

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This week the long-awaited “Mundial” started in the city of Seoul. 12 teams full of energy arrived in South Korea to prove they are worth the banner of the World Champions. During 4 extremely tense days organizations from all around the world were challenging each other in a Best of One Double Round-Robin game format. Every day we were pleased to see and enjoy 6 games within 2 different groups. Teams from the Group C and opened the stage and were followed by the games of the Group A and B. The Play-In Stage ended up on Thursday and here are the first results of the tournament.

Monday started with a huge statement from C9, getting the first blood, first tower blood and first win of the tournament. This year they brought a fresh-blood roster of rookies and experienced players, allowing them to dominate the Rift during the Play-In. This team remained undefeatable with a score 4:0 all along the whole Stage and became the first seed to the Play-In Knockout from Group C. The second seed from this group was picked up by the Japanese team DetonatioNFocusMe, after the crucial win over KaBuM! In the tiebreaker after score 1:3 in their favour. Four out of five players of the DFM are attending the Worlds for the first time. Such impressive results for the newbies, hope to see more from them!

Group C Results and Team Standings

Cloud 940
KaBuM! e-Sports

Group D also managed to get an untouchable 4:0 team from the LMS - G-Rex. No other team from this group could find a way to beat them. G-Rex grabbed the first seed in the Play-In Knockout, by demolishing GMB and KLG. The second seed went to the Gambit Esports, with a star-studded lineup from the CIS, who was one of the scariest West team in good old days. GMB did their best in destroying the luckless Kaos Latin Gamers from CLS, who were not able to pick up a single win in the group despite their international experience and versatile playstyle.

Group D Results and Team Standings

Gambit Esports
Kaos Latin Gamers

Four days in a row Group A was highly interesting to watch. Noteworthy, Infinity Esports from the ELA LAN didn’t have enough time to prepare this year, due to Visa issues. It ended up with their late appearance to the LoL Park, which slightly changed the original schedule. Maybe that is why they lost their first two matches during the day one. Even tho, INF have refound themselves with 2 more wins, which gave them the second seed in the Group A, conceding the first place to Edward Gaming, one of the most consistent teams of the LPL. EDG truly dominated the Group and appeared at the top at the end of the Play-In Stage. Oceania’s Dire Wolves were not effective enough and were knocked out from the championship this year.

Group A Results and Team Standings

Edward Gaming  
Infinity Esports  
Dire Wolves    

The very last but not the least Group B entertained the world with back-to-back games between a hyped G2 Esports, the third seed from EU LCS and Bahçeşehir SuperMassive from Turkey. The first day didn’t really go well for G2, keeping them at 1:1 score, leading by SUP 2:0. During the following game day, slowly but surely, G2 could handle their opponents and get the 3:1, which led them to the tiebreaker for the first seed with Supermassive. Incredible team cooperation, micro- and macro- plays allowed G2 to grab their first seed in a Group B, putting down Turkish SUP to the second seed. Sadly for the Ascension Gaming, they had no chances to secure themselves a spot in the Play-In Knockouts despite their massive dominance in the home region and international line-up. 

Group B Results and Team Standings

Team Win  Lose
G2 Esports
Bahçeşehir SuperMassive
Ascension Gaming    

After four days of the Play-In Stage, we can finally see 8 teams, who will meet each other on the Best of Five game format this weekend in the Knockouts. Now, when the primary games are done, teams will have 2 days to lie down and regain the power to strike again. 

Right after the G2 vs SUP tiebreaker, the Knockout drafts appeared. 

It all started with a Cloud9 top laner - Licorice, who pulled out the Gambit Esports to match against and appraised the draw result with a big smile. The unbeatable C9 team might be pretty happy to meet a not-so-well performed GMB. The next first seed out of Group A, Edward Gaming, found an opponent from Group C, a Japanese hope DetonatioN FocusMe. Following draft was performed by G-Rex team member and they got an Infinity Gaming. It can possibly end up with really good team fights, but it was just a false draw because in this case, SUP would meet G2 again. That is why G-Rex will be auto-matched up with Group B’s second seed Bahçeşehir SuperMassive and G2 Esports will have to prepare for the battle against Gambit Esports.

The schedule is ready and we can only wait to find out, who is going to find their way to the next stage...


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