League of Legends: 14 Tips for "Elo Boost"

Oct 29 2018 5 min read

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Playing the Champion at its’ highest potential, understanding mechanics and playing 14-0 is Great! But, there are a lot of things besides your Champion, be sure that you understand basic things about game macro and micro-mechanics.

Lane Phase, farming, roaming

  • 50% of your success in the game lays on your Laning Skills. You must be able to farm 10-12 cs per minute. Keep in mind that about 12 cs gives you as much gold as you could get for 1 kill. Everything is simple, pay your attention into CSing, don’t die to your opponent. For example, if you managed to kill your opponent, what would you do next? One of the best options is to push your lane as much as you can, that will make your opponent lose a lot of CS + damaged tower, or maybe even taking the first tower. Also, if you got a lot of advantage on your lane, you need to use it. Go and roam other lanes. As it is said in the book Art of War, "the faster you are, the better", so, if you got an advantage, don’t let your opponents to get back into the game, don’t give them extra time, go forward and push/help your teammates/camp enemy jungler and etc… 

  • While roaming other lanes, be sure that you’ve pushed minions at your lane.


  • League of Legends is a game that considers teamplay. The better you look into your team, the better your win rate is. Surely, solo queue is a pain in terms of "teamplay", but we have to forget about that fact if we want to climb high enough. So, at first, you need to win your lane, then you need to keep your eye at other lanes. If your Orn at Top lane is already losing his lane by 2 kills and 30 farm, you better come and help him. If you pay attention to your teammates and its setup, you will understand how the teamfight is going to be. There is always some kind of "engager". For example, if you are playing as ADC, and you have Leona + Orn in your team, in most cases, that means that they have to engage the fight, and you have to follow, not you. Understanding other champions and keeping an eye on your team allows you to make great plays without a voice, you’d better learn how to understand your teammates and predict their moves.

Practice > Theory. Don’t be afraid to lose

  • Theory, words, it’s great, but you won’t be able to make it without intense practice. 100 games played as one champion, will give you a lot of benefits, rather than watching 100 guides and 100 streamers. Don’t be afraid to lose a lot of games, just pay attention to what mistakes you did in the game you lost, and keep in mind, that sometimes, your teammates lost the game, it’s impossible to win all the games in solo queue.

Automatism is bad, at one point

  • That happens to all the players at some day. You just start playing in the "old lovin’ way" all the time. Making the same mistakes from game to game. Don’t worry, analyse your game, and do your best each game.

Watch Top players

  • Practice is important. But sometimes you need to watch top players, try to use their moves, analyze their mistakes, that will help you to form your "unique playstyle".


  • One of the most important things in the game. Actually, you will have to keep your eye on the minimap all the time. Just imagine that one eye is watching on the minimap, and another one is watching on your champion, literally.

Emotions and flaming

  • The more you flame, the more you lose. Avoid flaming at ALL cost. That won’t help you, and actually, no one cares at your messages in chat. It’s better to turn your chat off, if you want to climb. If you are not interested in getting high ranks, keep writing and flaming. Emotions are killing your mastered gameplay, be like samurai, emotionless.


  • You have to pay attention to your jungler and enemy jungler. You need to know where the enemy jungler is right now, play some games at this role, so you will understand all the possible paths the enemy jungler has. If you don’t pay attention to a friendly jungler, you can easily not follow him on a gang, which is really bad.

Picking/Banning phase, last pick? - Carry the game then

  • Know how to counter pick, learn how not to get counter picked. Learn how to make unexpectable picks, for example, you are going mid, the first pick, your top laner is the last pick. Take Jayce mid and ask your top laner to take an ability-power based champion, enemy players won’t expect that, so they won’t be able to counter pick you. If you are last pick this game, you can carry the game, take the right champion according to your team setup.

Practice tool

  • It’s always great to spend a few hours at practice tool before going ranked games. You can explore ability range and champions unique combos.

Understand each role and possible setups

  • If you love carry roles mostly, still, it’s better to play at each role for at least 10-20 games, to understand the game from all points of view. Explore all possible champion setups, some champions are great in certain setups, some setups can win the game, for example, Lulu + Twitch, Master Yi + Kayle and etc...


  • It’s a great way of communication. Roaming? - Make some pings before you come. Enemy jungler is approaching? - Make your opponents know. Opponent on the lane is missing? - Make some pings! 


  • Always buy pink totems, vision is important. Kill enemy totems if you see one. Watch top players to understand where you have to put your totem in the best way.

Pre-Game Ritual

  • To play at your highest potential, you need to have your own Pre-Game ritual. It may be meditation, music, film or whatever that inspires you and clears your mind. You need to stay focused in the game, so meditation will be ideal.


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