Kyiv Comic Con. A door no new, bright world

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First Kyiv ComicCon festival was held on June 6-7.


I guess, anyone has heard about the ComicCon convention, which is held annually in San Diego. It is an all comics, video games, movies, and other corresponding popular culture enthusiasts' paradise. There you can meet with celebrities, people sharing your passion, and just feel yourself "at home". For many years ComicCon became an event of international scope. Activists from many countries have adopted this experience and hold festivals in their cities, and this year Kyiv took the turn. 

To wipe the laurels of ComicCon is a serious thing. That is why many (including us) had a certain skepticism about the level of organization and the events themselves. Some of this doubts were dispelled by the festival program, which still can be found on its official website. And the rest of skeptic ghosts were vanished on the day of the festival, when we saw the action called Kyiv ComicCon. 

No, it was not something that knocks off you feet, shocking or unbelievable. Moreover, there was a certain amount of nuance, which is easy to find fault, or at least make a comment about (long lines on the first day, uncertainty on two-day bracelet passes, not the best zoning, etc.). But the most important achievement of the festival was that one just won't want to remember all the shortcomings. Kyiv ComicCon gave us two days a wonderful mood and atmosphere, that you dont want to trade for suddenly gray and dull world around us. Being familiar with virtually no domestic cosplay scene, abundance of costumes a desire to express themselves was a really revelation to me (even though that costumes were not perfect always. But who cares?). Almost every visitor to the festival was sparkling and positive. 

No less discovery was the table games zone, which would seem to have been extinct in the age of computers and the Internet. However, they have attracted the attention of many people, every table was occupied by the players, and the legends like Magic: The Gathering, had literally crowd around them. A pleasant surprise was the board game "Emix" by Ukrainian developers, which rules were explained to us in the same place.

Lecture halls where meetings and workshops were held were not empty too. And, of course, you could buy a variety of products, ranging from trinkets to, literally, works of art. 

Perhaps the most objective indicator of the quality of the festival will be a feeling of "I want more" even after two days of it, which does not leave even now. Events of this kind remain in memory for a long time, and in spite of some shortcomings, the organizers of the Kyiv ComicCon festival can be pleased that they managed to create an incredible atmosphere, introduce each other to a lot of creative people, bring a lot of new and useful information to all interested through lectures and meetings, and just to make the world a better place.

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