Kojima confirms end of Konami employment, launches new site, officially announces collaboration with Sony

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Hideo Kojima confirmed that the developer's employment with Konami was officially terminated.

Hideo Kojima confirmed late last night Nekkei's report that the developer's employment with Konami was officially terminated. He also confirmed that he has started a new production company, Kojima Productions (the name of his old studio, but with a new logo), and has a partnership with Sony for a new game series.

The developer issued a press release on his new studio's freshly minted website: "KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS announced today that it has officially opened its doors. Lead by award-winning game designer, HIDEO KOJIMA, the studio will begin focusing its efforts in developing products that will push the boundaries in innovation and ignite consumer interest worldwide. Stay tuned for future announcements. "

There is no information as of yet as to what Kojima's new franchise for Sony will be, and Konami has yet to issue any sort of press release about the termination. However, in a Q&A, Kojima stated that he was not working for Sony, and that the unnamed game would be available on PC, too.


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