Kevin Conroy still has hopes for Batman Arkham's continuation

Dec 14 2018 2 min read

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Rocksteady has left us a wonderful trilogy of video games that are considered by fans to be the best ones among those dedicated to superheroes. The studio is hard at work on a new project right now, and while we know for sure that developers are not coming back to Arkham series, there's a speculation that Warner Bros. is not done with the caped crusader yet.

The source of this is Kevin Conroy himself. He is best known for his voice - the one that Batman from Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy speaks with. Kevin has always been open to the community and his recent comments suggest that Arkham's version of the Dark Knight might still be utilized in future games. One of the fans has recently expressed his thoughts on the matter claiming that Batman's story within the Arkham series has wrapped up for good and there's no way to continue it. Kevin Conroy argued on that statement the following:

I don't know....I can think of ways to have Bats still evolve in the Arkham world

This is not by any means a confirmation, but Kevin is not a random voice on the Internet - he is the Batman's voice! If there's something going on inside Warner Bros., Mr. Conroy is likely to have an insight on it. Moreover, Warner Bros. Montreal is reportedly working on a new Batman title involving the Court of Owls. Considering the open finale of Arkham Knight we might indeed see how the story develops after that point - but WB Montreal can also be working another prequel/midquel as it did with Arkham Origins.

And what about Rocksteady? Concerning its new project, very little is known about it. To be honest, we know nothing. The only confirmation from the developers was received a few days prior to The Game Awards 2018 when studio's co-founder Sefton Hill revealed via Twitter that Rocksteady is definitely not working on a Superman video game.


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