Kelazhur Interview: Younger players make the competition much harder

May 18 2019 4 min read

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Despite the relatively young age, Brazilian Terran Diego "Kelazhur" Schwimer from team Panda Global is a veteran of StarCraft 2 scene.

With good consistent practice on the European server, he looks stronger than ever and stands a good chance to get to the playoffs stage of 2019 WCS Spring.

Just a couple of days ago you won your group in Kings of the North which included Neeb. Are you feeling confident coming to this event?

Yeah, I think I’ve been doing pretty well in online tournaments lately. The recent good results make me feel good coming in today.

Have you been able to talk to White-Ra already?

No, not yet.

Maybe you have an earlier memory about him?

Yes, I do!

First time I met White-Ra, I wasn’t even a progamer yet. It happened when IEM held two separate tournaments for professionals and for Brazilians. I played the one for Brazilians and I lost my jacket - forgot it near the computer I had been playing at.

After the Brazilian tournament, there was the real professional tournament and White-Ra was playing at my computer. I said, “Hey, White-Ra, have you seen my jacket?” He says, “No, I haven’t,” - but then he helped me look around.

I thought he was a really cool guy back then.

What do you think about StarCraft 2 in general throughout 2018 and 2019? Do you find that it grows?

I think, compared to Heart of the Swarm, it grew a little bit. Especially with free-to-play, I feel it stabilized. I’m happy where it’s at right now.

I think, even if it ends at some point, it’s been a good run and it’s been a long time. Until a new big RTS comes out, there will be WCS and there will be tournaments. There are games like Overwatch, but it’s a really different thing.

What about the overall competition. Do you find that it’s growing?

I think, it’s harder to be a progafmer now than it was 2 years ago before as so many new talents are coming up. We have Reynor (Italian Zerg, team GamersOrigin) who’s so young, yet he’s recently won a tournament (2019 WCS Winter Europe). He couldn’t even compete in WCS less than a year ago because of the age restrictions. And then we have Clem (French Terran, team Infinity Gaming), Goblin (Croatian Protoss, team Infinity Gaming) and other players.

You can feel their drive and see they are constantly improving. Every time I play against them I can say “wow, this guy is actually getting better.” I played Goblin just a couple of days before at an Alpha X event and I could really feel the progress since we had met before.

You had a good run in StarCraft 2 and you’re able to sustain yourself through the game. Last year, you mentioned that you might want to retire. What is your status right now?

I’m finishing my first year in university, studying International Business in The Netherlands.

Do you meet the Dutch crowd a lot?

Yes, I occasionally meet uThermal (Terran from Team Liquid) and RotterdaM.

Our main reoccurring question throughout this event. TotalBiscuit was a true hero of StarCraft 2 who probably did more for this community than anyone else ever will. Do you feel that StarCraft 2 needs another hero like him?

What TotalBiscuit did for us, will last forever. He inspired many people to follow suit. I think StarCraft 2 already has a bunch of people, it’s the community - we have die-hard fans with a lot of passion that keeps the game going.

I think, more than a single hero right now we need everyone to come together and appreciate the game.

Thanks a lot Kelazhur, I wish you to keep enjoying and winning in StarCraft 2 no matter what!

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