Keep calm and watch HomeStory Cup XVIII

Nov 21 2018 2 min read

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Tomorrow even the laziest and most casual members of StarCraft 2 community will be glued to HomeStory Cup XVIII. The tournament is organized by Dennis "TaKe" Gehlen, a long time SC2 enthusiast who has been hosting this event for many years.

Here are good reasons to watch the eighteenth installment of HomeStory Cup whether you are familiar with StarCraft 2 or not. The game is great for watching even if you don’t play.

You don’t need to be familiar with the game very closely to understand what is happening. It takes a couple of minutes to grasp the basic rules of the economy that are universal to any RTS. Once you know at least anything, the game becomes entertaining and enjoyable to watch. StarCraft 2 casters are used to explaining the basic concepts over and over again, so don’t be shy to ask your questions in the Twitch chat.

The new balance patch

StarCraft 2 was the hottest esports at the beginning of this decade, but it gradually fell off due to problems with balance and the domination of South Korean players. The things have changed significantly in both departments, now there is no “dominating race” in SC2 and the last Blizzcon was won by a Non-Korean.

Throughout this year many people said that it’s the best time for StarCraft 2. The cherry on the cake is the balance patch recently introduced by Blizzard. It’s focused on late-game units and is supposed to give each race new ways to tackle the opponent.

Old school pros will be playing in the tournament

If there was a time when you followed StarCraft 2 or StarCraft: Brood War in the past, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the familiar list of players. There is your TaeJa, the Korean superstar, there is your MaNa, the Polish powerhouse. There are your BW Proleague guys like Trap and INnoVation.

Tons of memes and great emotions

Think of TakeTV like they are the StarCraft 2 version of Beyond The Summit. Their events feel very casual and are packed with memes.


There’s one of the RedEye impressions that INcontroL usually makes during HomeStory Cups.

HomeStory Cup XVII takes place from 22 to 25 of November, it will be streamed on TakeTV Twitch channel.


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