Kayle and Morgana have been reworked

Feb 20 2019 2 min read

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Why have we wings, sister, if not to fly?
Why do we have feet if not to tread upon a soil?

Riot Games has reworked Kayle and Morgana. The two iconic sisters of League of Legends received a new look, a different origin story and tweaked abilities.

When Kyle and Morgana's mother Mihira was pregnant with the girls, she was chosen as the embodiment of the Aspect of Justice. The new role ensnared Mihira and her husband Kilam was compelled to take the girls and flee from the mother, who grew more dangerous each day.

With years, the father was noticing how different his daughters were. Eventually, the conflict between Kayle and Morgana culminated in Kilam’s death, who was caught between the sisters. As a result, Kayle decided to abandon her human nature and ascended to divinity, while Morgana shackled her wings and vowed to walk on her feet as a mere mortal forever.

The only balance change Morgana went through is that her Ultimate ability Soul Shackles now gives faster speed while moving toward the enemies.

Here are the changes for Kayle

Passive: Divine Ascent. Each attack stacks attack speed and gives movement speed towards enemies at max stacks. The passive gives additional perks upon levelling up to level 6 (bonus magic damage with max stacks), level 11 (gives Kayle ranged attacks) and level 16 (gives max stacks permanently).

Q: Radiant Blast. Sends flaming blade to shred armor and magic resistance as well as to slow the target. Deals small AoE damage.

W: Celestial Blessing. Heals and gives move speed burst to Kayle and the target ally.

E: Starfire Spellblade. Passively increases damage. Upon activation, the next attack deals a portion of targets missing health as magic damage.

R: Divine Judgement. Makes Kayle and the targeted ally invulnerable for a couple of seconds. Circles of swords around Both Kayle and the target deal damage to the enemies.

This is probably the most significant Champion rework in the history of League of Legends.


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