Jagged Alliance: Flashback is Now Available on Steam

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Developer Full Control is showing why the best option for many series is simply to return to the basics.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback, their newly released project, hearkens back to the days of Jagged Alliance (originally released on MS-DOS in 1994) and Jagged Alliance 2 (released on Windows in 1999). By taking advice from the original Jagged Alliance community, this Kickstarter-aided development team has been able to recreate some classic turn-based strategy action in a decidedly modern package.


Jagged Alliance: Flashback, which came out today on PC, Mac, and Linux, takes place in the midst of a rebellion on the fictional Caribbean Island San Hermanos in the 1980s. Players take control of a squad of mercenaries hoping to overthrow the powerful forces of “The Prince,” the king of San Hermanos. Jagged Alliance: Flashback boasts some incredibly open gameplay, leaving the methods of total island domination completely up to the player. Players will be able to utilize Steam’s extensive Workshop features to create and share custom stories, levels, and modifications to, ideally, create the strategy game of their dreams.


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