Ivern’s ability kit includes making brushes and a big stone golem

Sep 22 2016 3 min read
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Ivern’s ability kit includes making brushes and a big stone golem ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

We already know the next champion coming to League of Legends is Ivern, this friendy-looking tree. We also knew, from the teaser video and the in-client teases, that he was going to be a champion with a special relationship to the jungle (the in-client tease was him berating you for killing jungle monsters).

So how could such a champion exist in a game that depends on killing those very same jungle monsters? Well, we have those answers and more, thanks to Riot finally releasing his champion reveal!

His release skin has also been added to the PBE!

Passive - Friend of the Forest

Ivern can’t damage or take damage from non-epic monsters. To jungle, groves naturally grow around jungle camps over time and when they’re fully grown, Ivern can activate the groves to get gold and experience. After level five, Ivern can give jungle buffs to allies.

Q – Rootcaller

Ivern roots an enemy with a vine that deals magic damage. Allies can dash to the rooted enemies if they’re in attack range.

W – Brushmaker

Passive: Ivern becomes ranged in bushes and his attacks deal magic damage.

Active: Ivern spawns a bush for 30 seconds. The area in and around the bush is revealed to allies.

E – Triggerseed

Ivern shields an ally, absorbing damage. After two seconds, the shield pops and deals magic damage and slowing enemies in the area.

R - Daisy!

Ivern summons his sentinel friend, Daisy. Daisy fights alongside Ivern and if it damages the same champion three times in a row, it knocks up the enemy. The sentinel gains damage and defense based off of Ivern’s AP.

Recasting the ability makes Daisy move to a new location.



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