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Recently we have spoken to Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos, the player of the Greek Dota 2 team Ad Finem

Recently we have spoken to Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos, the player of the Greek Dota 2 team Ad Finem. Not so long ago his team won the 2nd place at the Boston Major, being defeated by OG. Such a success gave them a possibility to get the direct invite to the next Valve tournament. Enjoy reading :)

Hello. First of all, we want to congratulate you and your team with an invitation to The Kiev Major. Can you say few words about it? Did you expect that you will receive it?

Hello, thank you very much, there is no better feeling that being invited to such tour as a Major tournament, we expected it more less cause we finished top 2 in the previous one.  So, yes.

After Boston Major finals

If Valve has given 10 invitations to the Kiev Major, what would be the two teams (in your opinion), that would have to get them?

It’s a hard question for me since i'm not following the scene in other regions so far. So I can't choose any team right now.. Maybe Faceless/VP 

Okey. So if you are not following the other regions, you can not try to predict who will be the rest teams on major. Or maybe, you can predict winners of 1-2 regions that are more familiar to you? (1 from North America, 1SA, 1 Europe, 1 CIS, 2 SEA, 2 China)

Europe Team Secret
CIS Virtus Pro
SEA Faceless TNC
China LGD.FY, IG :D

Your team visited Kiev in April, 2016. A year later you will return at a Major Tournament. What are your impressions about Kiev? Can you describe what did you like and what not?

I won't say that i like the people and that stuff cause it gets boring..So i will say the most important thing I don't like first. I don't like the food (it’s not personal with Kiev) I just don't like the food anywhere.. I want to eat very tasty and good food, so i hope this time i will find something tasty somewhere. Furthermore I want to say that when we came to Kiev i was impressed about ship hotels. And of course i liked very much the afterparty

View from the window. Holet "Bakkara", Kiev.

In interview on Boston Major you told that you don't know Russian. But now it will be your second visit to Ukraine, where most people speak this language. What phrases are you going to learn first? Or did you learn something new since Boston?)

 hahaha VERY GOOD QUESTION i know only insults and this one ^takoe takoe^ (so-so)

Imagine, that you have 2 options. 1st: next major will take place in Athens. 2nd: all of your games vs OG will start with the score 1:0 (except of bo1 :D). What would you choose?

I'm sure we have many fans anywhere but also i think that we will have more chances to win at our home cause there we will have one country to scream our name and give us even more hype so ATHENS!

Great Athens - capital of Greece

If you can choose three cities for the next Majors, what cities will you choose and why?


Yes. But only one per country. Not Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras (three of the most populated cities of Greece)

 I would like to have a tournament at one of the islands of our country, wherever, i don't prefer any. And the other two i guess in the countries that they have the most active dota players cause they deserve to enjoy live one of their favorites. China and Russia somewhere i think..

China? Many complained of problems with the organization of the World Cyber Arena. The same issue with The Shanghai Major.

I mean those things should not happen in 2k17 as nahaz said previously. So i take these things out of my consideration.

You have many fans in the CIS, and many of them will visit the Major. Is public support important for you, or it plays a secondary role?

It makes me happy to talk with fans as I was and i am a big fan of every great e-sport player cause it was my dream that came true and i suppose every fan have the same dream. So yes it's a big thing for me and i respect it.

Are you watching tournaments in other games? What is the last tournament you watched?

I'm not watching many tournaments as i'm spending many time playing Dota2 but last tour I've watched it was DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017.

Virtus.Pro (CS:GO) - winners of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017

And finally. Have you watched live an TI 2k11? What were your emotions and was you think about that someday you will stand on the podium of a Major Tournament? What can you say to guys who make the first steps in amateur scene? What advice or parting words you can give them?

Of course I've watched all the TI, I remember the first one in 2011 when not more than 40 heroes were available there and we were sitting with my friends in a couch spending all day there watching the tournament and talk about what those teams are doing.. From back then my dream was to become one of the best so I was giving it all to become the best I still do though. There is a thing if you don't love it you can't do it cause you can't spend that much time there if you don't love it. Then you have to understand that there is only one thing to blame and it's not your teammates it's YOU. Try to improve and understand your mistakes everyday.

«I want to eat very tasty and good food, so i hope this time i will find something tasty somewhere».

What country food would you prefer?


For example? What is your favorite greek dish?

PASTITSIO and a greek salad.

Картинки по запросу PASTITSIO

Pastitsio - baked macaroni with meat sauce and Béchamel sauce

That's all. Thank you for reading. We hope you didn't feel hungry. 

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