Is The Elder Scrolls Online Coming to Xbox One on February 24th

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According to the Microsoft Store, The Elder Scrolls Online will be launched for Xbox One on February 24th!

We haven’t heard any news recently about The Elder Scrolls Online, especially about the console version of the game.Bethesda‘s MMORPG  launched last summer on Steam and a console version of the game was promised for early 2015, but after that they gone dark with the news…. until now!


According to the Microsoft StoreThe Elder Scrolls Online will be launched for Xbox One on February 24th! (now it has been changed to 2015) For the moment we should take just like any other rumours, until Bethesda confirms it or not. But the fact that the Microsoft Store revealed it and not a unknown retail shop, gives us enough reasons to believe that the launch date may be real.


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