Is it easy to be popular in YouTube?

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Many of you have probably thought more than once about how to start a career in game industry. Lets talk about it.


Many of you have probably thought more than once about how to start a career in game industry. This is understandable - this sphere is one of the most rapidly developing, it is possible to find there everything from the most modern information technology to the newest hardware, which you can only dream of.


But what if a pro-gamer career for various reasons did not work out and you do not have enough resources or opportunities to found a big business, but still have lot of ideas? The answer seems to be simple - to create a video product in the form of individual clips or as live broadcasts. No one will limit you then: you can create software educational videos, various "letsplay" products, reviews and hardware "unboxings". Or, if you have enough knowledge and experience - keep a regular broadcast of games, telling interesting tricks and tactics.


It's all sounds simple, but the basic idea is only the first step, which is last for many as well. Why is that? The answer is "promotion". Here lies the essence of the whole complexity of such projects. Ita happens that talented streamer or reviewer can not promote his channel because of the lack of knowledge in this field.



So, what's the solution? To not despair. Everyone should do what he does best. And if you create a cool video you shouldn't waste your time on other boring things. Our partner, AIR, will do all the promotional stuff. We are already hear skeptical cries. Yes, the Internet is full of various kinds of advertisement like "will promote for food." But would you trust, let's say, your health to some suspicious "doctor", who takes less for his work? And your work no less important, to cooperate with amateurs. AIR are the best in their field, which is proved by partnership with such monsters as Datagroup, MTS, Ukrtelecom, Volya, and, of course, Why AIR? Looking ahead to say that, partnership with AIR will get you more profit than even YouTube partnership program offers. Plus a formal partnership agreement, so you can be calm and confident that tomorrow he who promised you "inexpensive promotion" will not disappear with all your hard work. Moreover, the company AIR will help you in case of disputes, to protect your rights.


Too good to be true? Not really. Unfortunately, we are simply unaccustomed to the fact that companies can conduct fair and transparent business, trusting and supporting partners. AIR compels to believe that the partnership could be simple, transparent and effective.


Becoming an AIR partner is easy. Stay tuned for more information about the company's services and requirements for partners.

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