Is Activision going to make movies?

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According to rumors, Activision plans to open its own motion picture company


Is Activision going to make movies?

According to rumors, Activision plans to open its own motion picture company.

As you know, a series of popular games “Call of Duty” belongs to Activision company. Fans of these shooters have been dreaming of a full screen version of the game for a long time, but Hollywood, for some reasons, doesn’t rush to use such a fertile story ground for its creative work. It seems that Activision has decided not to wait for the sun to shine and to start working independently. The rumors have appeared in the Internet on the pages of that creators of "Call of Duty" are planning to open their own subdivision for production of television and film production. If this kind of talks materializes into something more concrete, fans of “Call of Duty” will surely get the long-awaited motion picture based on the game series.

Recent comments of Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision) could be considered as reasonable evidence confirming the mentioned rumors. He complained that any "self-made" and "mass consumption" videos about “Call of Duty” significantly spoil the reputation of game series, and even discernibly reduce the sale of the game. Well, it’s a serious argument to raise the fallen rating of "Call of Duty" with the help of movies.

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