Introducing the WePlay Dragon Temple Talents

Dec 06 2020 4 min read

It's time to reveal the faces, minds, and voices of our first MK tournament. Come see the talents for WePlay Dragon Temple!

With all the top-tier players attending the WePlay Dragon Temple tournament, it only makes sense that they are accompanied by god-like talent to add extra spice to an already stacked tournament. 

Some of the very best in the business will be lending their voices, analytic ability, and insane energy to the tournament to create one of the most hype events of the year.

Without further ado, let’s meet them.



Playing the role of host is none other than the amazing Kyle. He was a prominent DOTA 2 player and is now an analyst. He’ll be joining the WePlay team to oversee proceedings and bring his quick wit and incredible insight to bear. Kyle was a stalwart with Team Complexity until his departure in 2018. Since then, he has focused on analysis and was invited to The International 2019 as part of the broadcast talent team. You can find him on Twitter.



Mr Aquaman

The irrepressible Mr Aquaman will be joining the team as an analyst and will offer his keen insight to the tournament. Mr Aquaman is a streamer, and even more impressively, a tournament organizer. Just recently, he hosted the Kolosseum tournament, and he generally does a lot for the kommunity. His appetite for Mortal Kombat is unrivaled, and the WePlay team is excited to have him on board. You can also find him on Twitter.

Mr. Aquaman

Kitana Prime

There are very few within the NRS community who do not know Kitana Prime. Apart from being an awesome player, he is also an incredible esports caster. Signed with Panda Global, Kitana Prime is a pretty awesome player, coming in 3rd at the CEO online tournament earlier this year. You can check him out on Twitter.

Kitana Prime

Big D

Big D is an NRS player and EVO veteran whose energy and charisma are sure to light up any arena. Joining the team as an analyst, Big D will bring his unique talents to the table, and you can be sure of only the best when he’s around. He also streams on Twitch, so you can check him out there.

Big D


Ketchup & Mustard

Ketchup and Mustard might seem inseparable to the casual observer, but the truth is—well, they’re right. They are inseparable. They are twins, after all (yes, literal twins). They started out as pro-competitors as far back as 2011. As gamers, they were pretty elite in terms of skill, with Ketchup going as far as the top 8 at EVO 2015. Unfortunately, they will not be at the venue due to travel restrictions and the pandemic, but they will be joining the WePlay team as commentators from their base in the UK. You can check out their YouTube content here.

Ketchup & Mustard


Mitsuownes is an NRS caster and generally one of the coolest dudes in the scene. He is also a remarkable content creator, and you can check out his engaging videos centered around MK and gaming in general on his YouTube channel. Mitsuownes is another addition to the WePlay Dragon Temple roster and will add another dimension to proceedings. 



HBTWarrior, or History Behind The Warrior, is a content creator with an absolutely massive following on YouTube. In his videos, he goes into the lore of various Mortal Kombat characters and breaks down the things that shaped the stories of our favorites from the series. Many might not be used to having him in the commentator’s chair, but his undeniable skill and expertise mean that he is a natural. His presence will only serve to strengthen an already stacked talent roster. You can follow him on Twitter.


Now that all the chips are on the table, we are ready to bring you an amazing event.

See you on December 10 to kick off WePlay Dragon Temple!


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