Introducing the Medic - Lt. Morales

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Medic - Lt. Morales skills revealed

Basic Abilities

  • Healing Beam (Q): Heal a single ally every half second for as long as they remain near you. Pressing Q allows you to reselect your target, or you can cancel the channeling by activating your trait. There is no cooldown on this ability.
  • Safeguard (W): Reduce the damage the targeted ally takes for three seconds.
  • Displacement Grenade (E): Throw out a grenade that explodes as soon as it comes into contact with an enemy, dealing damage and knocking nearby enemies back.

Heroic Abilities

  • Medivac Dropship (R): Select a spot to travel to, causing you to enter a dropship. Teammates can then join you, and after four seconds, you'll travel to the chosen area.
  • Stim Drone (R): Select an ally to receive a 75 percent increase in attack speed and 25 percent additional movement speed for ten seconds.


  • Caduceus Reactor: After going four seconds without taking damage, regenerate 3 percent of your max health every second.


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