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Recently published an interview with WePlay.TV WoT manager Andrei "CatOfFay" Rozhnov about The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) game and his impression concerning it.


Recently published an interview with WePlay.TV WoT manager Andrei "CatOfFay" Rozhnov about The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) game and his impression concerning it.

Fragment of the interview:

Hideo: Hi to everyone! What are your impressions about the game at the moment? Have your guilds already obtained the results that were the purpose of this project?

CatOfFay: General impressions of the game are great. The game is AWESOME! This is exactly what I personally and many of our players were waiting for. No, of course, it is not a "Skyrim Online", but it is also not an ordinary MMORPG. The game soaked up all the best features of successful MMO, and at the same time, it has a lot of new ideas which make it special and different among other popular projects. And, of course, it's still the same favorite game of TES series, despite the fact that it has become Online. The main thing about TESO is the feeling of quality. It is clear at the first glance that the game is made with love. Every stone, every blade of grass is in its places... Everything is thought out to the smallest details. And no armour-bras, of course! Also I would like to emphasize separately the quality of announcer: these purr kadzhit accents, melodious elvish language ... The soundtrack is simply astonishing! And, of course, concerning the quest part of the game: quests are amazing! All of them are interesting, diverse and non-trivial. There is no this, you know: "Bring me 1001 skins of a dead goblin" in the best traditions of Korean grinding games... Instead, we are investigating detective stories, hunt down rare animals, explore ancient ruins, fight against the world’s evil... My applauses! The most important thing in this game is that everyone can find something interesting: starting from a casual gamer collecting flowers and enjoying the beauty of the world and ending with an avid PvP-gamer constantly fighting in Alliances’ war. The game doesn’t make you hurry up or forces you to do something: at any level and in any location you can find some things to do and to discover something new and exciting. Of course, TESO has its disadvantages, as any other games have (first of all, they are of technical aspects). On the other hand, I’ve never seen the start of any big project without technical problems. In this respect, start of TESO is one of the most successful. Some players complain about the "wooden combat system". I didn’t notice this. Yes, the combat system is a little bit unusual for MMO fans, but when you get used to it, it is very convenient. And PvP is simply enchanting! But, let’s talk about this later.

You can read the full version here(Russian text).

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