Interview with Zeus from NaVi

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Interview with Zeus from NaVi.

Nickname: Zeus.
Team: Na’Vi.
Position: captain.

WePlay: What is the attitude of players towards each other inside the team?
Zeus: We have warm, nice and friendly attitude towards each other. We work together a lot, we try to spend more time together, go to cinema and shopping malls, have fun together, and in such a manner we raise the team spirit. Of course, sometimes we have disagreements, as all the others have, but we try to avoid them.

W: How did you get into the world of e-sports?
Z: Everything started in 2002. I played with friends in Kharkiv just for fun, then I heard about CS 1.6 tournament and I became interested in it and decided to participate. Then I learned about the team "Pro100" with Edward and another known player of VirtusPro – n1. I also wanted to get there, I aimed for that, and made a lot to achieve it. My first team was ICE. My first most memorable tournament was Asus 2004.

W: Do you feel good with other players in Na'Vi?
Z: Yes, at this point everything in the team is fine and good.

W: What did influence the defeat in a game against
Z: Lost 2 pistol rounds and a few key moments, as a result we lost 16-14. The team was in a good condition and we fully evaluated rivals.

W: How often do you have trainings?
Z: We train quite often and we have two reasons for this: World Championship in Katowice and a young line-up.

W: What are the predictions for EMS Katowice?
Z: I don’t want to rush too much with words, but I can say that it’s really a serious championship. The best teams of the world will participate there. By prognosis they will be NiP, Titan, Fnatic and WP. Of course, I don’t know who exactly, but our team is going to show a very good result and to get into top-3.

W: Do you have any rivals whom you are afraid of?
Z: We have “uncomfortable” opponents, and they are Swedes: Fnatic and NiP.

W: What do you do besides Na'Vi?
Z: I go in for sports, go to gym and boxing section. I spend free time in all directions: picnics, disco clubs and any kind of active leisure. Recently I’ve become more interested in sport, I’ve given up drinking and smoking and I advise it to everyone.

W: How are you usually training?
Z: We are training all together. We live in one apartment, we have 5 computers where we are working on all the maps and training different combinations.

W: What about the preparations for EMS in Katowice?
Z: There are some rounds which we do not use with the purpose to show the desired result in Katowice.

W: Can you comment your victory over the team “MyM”?
Z: We were better in all aspects. We won two pistol rounds and + it is one of our best mirage maps.

I want to send my best to all my readers, as well as to the readers of site. Thanks for all the support. Also I want to congratulate all the girls with the 8th of March, as it’s 8th of March today.  
I wish a lot of positive and good mood to everyone. I hope you will support us and all together we are invincible.

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