Interview with z1 from CourageGaming

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Interview with z1 from CourageGaming

Nickname : z1
Team: CourageGaming
Favorite weapon: ak-47, awp.

SvasH: How do you feel in the new team?
z1: Well, it's a new team, a new line-up. I’ve never played with guys from the team before, except Blade. I was only familiar with the ghost since time of 1.6, and often played mixes for and against. I feel normally, except for the fact that all my mates have about 2k hours played​​, and I have 500 at most. But, nevertheless, I do not feel somehow bad or fallen behind. Time is passing. I’m growing slowly, learning. Normally, there is no tension, although sometimes there is an unnecessary hubbub, but it’s a temporary situation.

SvasH: Have you managed to achieve a good team-work for such a short period of time?
z1: Of course, not. Two weeks are not enough for this, at least for me. There's a time for everything.

SvasH: What do you expect from the closest tournament?
z1: Personally, I do not expect anything, do not make any assumptions, as well as my mates. I’ll try to show my best, but the result will be seen only at the tournament.

SvasH: How do you usually train in the team?
z1:  Discussion, analysis of rounds and errors, practice - all the things which are typical also for the other teams. As I know, at some time, such training model of Blade brought us some success in KerchNET. And the only pity moment is that this success came at the very end of CS 1.6 era. It’s pleasant and sad at the same time to win the last tournament of such magnitude (even if it is not WCG/ESWC/CPL).

SvasH: Are you satisfied with everything in the team?
z1: I would not say that I’m satisfied absolutely with everything. But it's quite normally, because the team consists of five people and all of them have different views on life, game and other things. That’s why you have to put up with something, but that's the essence of the team: to be tolerant to the minuses and mistakes of each other, because team is a microsocium, and usually people learn how to live with each other in the society. At least it is what clever people do. So if I said that everything is ok, I would have lied. I think there are no teams which have no any problems inside.

SvasH: What do you do besides playing CS GO?
z1: I’m finishing my fourth year at the university, go to courses… and as for the rest I’m trying to relax from all the everyday fuss (which is fast annoying, in fact) by my own proven methods :)

SvasH: Do you feel comfortable under Blade’s leadership?
z1: Everything is also quite comparative and twofold here: I understand that Blade is a good captain, we had a common history in kerchNET, a lot of things happened and passed. I probably would not have started playing CS:GO if it was not possible to play with Blade. Since Ukraine does not have an alternative strong captain, at least at this level. I should note his analytical skills, as skills of captain in the game. They are at a very decent level and I think he can give a lesson to many captains from all over the world. But there is also the other side of the coin: Andrei has relatively complex character, and a big responsibility is laying on him - to lead the other 4 people. But sometimes it happens that he breaks some limits, and it’s very difficult to prove something to him. But anyway, I think that I find common language with him more easily than the other mates in kerchNET and Courage. However, probably this opinion is also subjective.

SvasH: What did you do after KerchNet had been disbanded?
z1: I was trying to arrange my personal life. The period after KerchNet was very interesting and a lot of things happened. I think it’s better not to flaunt about such things, so probably let’s stop on this :)

Comment: I apply to everyone who supports and believes in us/me! We will try to meet your expectations. I deleted my previous group, because I was going to stop playing at all, but now everything has changed a bit. If someone is interested, here is the new one - I will be updating news, and soon I’m going to make some streams. All the news and links will be in this group. Bye!


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