Interview with Swim, a WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility player

Jan 14 2019 3 min read

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We’ve taken an interview with Sean “swimstrim” Huguenard, one of the two players invited to participate in WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility.

Swim was one of the casters at WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility and lately he has been focusing on becoming a competitive player, and we are very excited to see how far he will go in our new tournament. If you want to learn more about Swim’s career and origin story, check out our Streamer’s profile on Swim.

The Interview

WePlay!: Do you have any goals for the WePlay! tournament? Any opponents you wish or don't wish to face?

Swim: My goal for the WePlay! tournament is to make no mistakes. I'm OK if I lose because of a bad matchup or bad RNG, but I want to play as close to perfection as I can.

WePlay!: None of the players qualified for the WePlay! tournament used mono-blue. Are you surprised by that? (See this page for the decks breakdown)

Swim: I'm personally a bit surprised none of the qualifiers used mono-blue. I still think it's a very strong deck, but maybe less reliable or harder to play than I initially thought.

WePlay!: Does the currently limited Artifact viewer/player base hurt you financially? Does the support from EG help to cushion the blow?

Swim: Well naturally the limited viewer base in Artifact hurts me financially. I always knew I would get a lot less viewers in Artifact than I did in Gwent, so I was prepared to make less money even before I moved over. My biggest concern is with less community interest in the game. Less community tools like statistics and meta snapshot, and the community is just generally jaded. I play games because I like being a part of the community, so this part really hurts me.

WePlay!: In Gwent and in earliest days of Artifact you used to be primarily a content creator and meta shifter/innovator/abuser. Now you are more of a competitive player. Are you happy about the transition, or is it too early to say?

Swim: I've done quite well in tournaments since my transition, so I'm happy. That being said, I still want to strike a balance. Now that I've won a tournament, I plan on doing a bit of casting again, for example. Honestly though, being a competitive player is a lot more stressful. You need to constantly be looking to improve, and it's harder to play fun decks on stream when I need to use my time grinding tweaks to good decks.

WePlay!: Do you have any interesting card concepts or ideas you want to share?

Swim: Honestly, I think card concepts are cool but single cards don't change too much. The coolest thing to me would be changing the item/shop system to make it more like a sideboard, designing items to be teched against certain matchups and heroes, and allowing better access to select items you want.

WePlay!: What’s the story behind the 1/8 gay club besides the fact that you are 1/8 gay yourself? How did it come to life? (Swim calls his Twitch followers a “1/8 gay club”)

Swim: The 1/8 gay club is just because I act a little gay on stream sometimes. I'm not really into other men - I just sometimes catch myself thinking about having sex with them. ????

WePlay!: Do you find the timer change extreme? Would you tone it down a bit if you could? (See this page to learn about the timer fix)

Swim: I think the timer change is quite good. Honestly, the 5 extra seconds you get per action really makes up for the less time overall.

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Swim on social media:

Swim plays in Group C on January 16th. You can find a detailed schedule of the WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility group stage here.


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