Interview with Piter Pokir from Never give up

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Interview with Piter Pokir mid-laner of Never give up.


Nickname: Piter Pokir

Team: Never give up

Position: Mid-lane

Favorite heroes: Riven, Orianna, Nidalee.


Flyka: Hi, Hi, tell us about yourself, please.
Piter Pokir: Hi, my name is Viktor. I play League of Legends on a position of mid-lane in Never Give Up team. I am from St.
Petersburg, study at the 2nd course. 

Flyka: How did you get to League of Legends?
Piter Pokir: One day my friends asked me to play LoL, I did and I liked the game very much.

Flyka: How do you spend your free time?
Piter Pokir: Mainly I’m studying, the remaining time I usually spend with my friends.

Flyka: What are your favorite heroes?
Piter Pokir: Riven, Orianna, Nidalee.

Flyka: What are you guided by while picking a hero?
Piter Pokir: By my brains ;) Usually, if it’s SoloQ, I pick everything I want, if it’s Team Ranked, I pick a hero needed for a team.

Flyka: How do you think, is there any particular underrated hero for mid-lane?
Piter Pokir: Even don’t know, maybe Cassiopeia.

Flyka: Why?
Piter Pokir: She has very imbalanced damage, not long cd, good disengage/engage ultimate.

Flyka: Recently you have had a game with Ultra Vires in a championship. You have shown a good level of playing. But, unfortunately, you’ve lost. How do you think, why?
Piter Pokir: I think that we’ve lost because hadn’t been prepared properly for that game.

Flyka: What about trainings? How often do you have them?

Piter Pokir: Unfortunately, not so often as we would like, but in general we're bunching together after about 10 pm and play for 4 hours almost every day.

Flyka: Are you training only in a team?
Piter Pokir: Of course, no. If we have time free of trainings, we play SoloQ.

Flyka: How do you evaluate the overall level of CIS teams, and what are your main competitors in CIS?
Piter Pokir: Our main competitor on CIS scene is The RED. Level of CIS teams is approaching to the level of semi-professional teams in Europe.

Flyka: What about the future tournaments? Where can we see your games?
Piter Pokir: I don’t know. What tournaments will be announced, in those we will try to participate.

Flyka: You took part in many tournaments. What sensations do you feel while playing one of the most popular games on the planet, acting on a professional stage? Do you feel yourself like a star?
Piter Pokir: No, but it’s always a big pleasure to play when a lot of people are watching your playing.

Flyka: Certainly it’s not so many LAN tournaments on LoL. Do you feel the difference between playing in LAN and online? Are you nervous and worried more than usual?
Piter Pokir: First, I was a little bit nervous, but then I got used.

Flyka: Can you specify the moment after which you got used, maybe something that helped you?
Piter Pokir: Most likely it was after the First Regional Championship where I was playing in public for the first time.

Flyka: What is LoL for you? Do you call yourself a professional player or is it just a hobby?
Piter Pokir: It’s something between these two meanings.

Flyka: Do you see your future in some other game, for example Dota?
Piter Pokir: I doubt it. Most likely I will stay in LoL, but if something forces me to leave, then I will leave e-sports completely.

Flyka: What can force you to leave e-sports?
Piter Pokir: At the moment only my study can force me to leave e-sports.

Flyka: What’s your opinion about the differences between your (Russian) LoL stage and American or Asian?
Piter Pokir: Asians completely devote themselves to the game and have trainings 24/7.

Flyka: Ok, and what about Americans?

Piter Pokir: Americans are also training a lot, but they are playing not so skillfully as Asians.

Flyka: What can you say about Russian LoL strage?
Piter Pokir: Russian stage is still not developed much, that’s why there are not many good teams. But I think, in some time, it will gather pace and will compete with other stages.

Flyka: Ok, let’s speak about the team and strategies. Do you have one certain strategy for picks and bans or you are always trying to bring something new?
Piter Pokir: We are trying to come up with new picks, but only after we properly worked out with the old ones.

Flyka: Are you trying to examine some combinations of an opponent?
Piter Pokir: For sure.

Flyka: Are there some certain heroes whom you are banning when the first pick is not yours?
Piter Pokir: Yes, there is, for example Fiddlesticks.

Flyka: How do you predict the characters which your opponents can choose?
Piter Pokir: We are watching their playing style, games, etc. Then we analyze and make certain bans and peaks.

Flyka: Do you have some special unusual strategies?
Piter Pokir: Generally, no.

Flyka: To your opinion, is there something in LoL that needs to be significantly changed?
Piter Pokir: Just certain heroes, the other things seem to be ok.

Flyka: What heroes exactly? And what would you like to change? Give us an example.
Piter Pokir: For example, to nerf Fiddlesticks, Riven. These heroes are very imbalanced in the current meta and need their nerf, changes.

Flyka: And what do you think, how much farm is important in the game at the moment?

Piter Pokir: Farm are the items, items give you a lot of bonuses, so farm is simply necessary in the game.

Flyka: What is your attitude to the last updates in LoL? Do you agree with them?

Piter Pokir: Yes, I have nothing against.

Flyka: Have you already got used?

Piter Pokir: Yes, fully.

Flyka: Perfect. Do you have any wishes or greetings?

Piter Pokir: Greetings to my team, report Lasagna, also to Ilia, Yuno, Liova and many others)

Flyka: Thank you.

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