Interview with Niksar, AD-carry of THE RED.

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The team was formed in August 2013. It won the first place in Russian qualifiers of WCG2013 and received a ticket to Romania for the final games.

Team Rhe RED was formed in August 2013. It won the first place in Russian qualifiers of WCG2013 and received a ticket to Romania for the final games. Also they were qualified from the Russian server to the professional part of IEM Seasons VIII tournament, which will be held this weekend. The first game they will play against Gambit Gaming.


Flyka: Hi, tell us about yourself. How did you get to League of Legends? How your career was developing?
NikSar: My name is Valentin, I'm a student of SUAI (State University of Aerospace Instrumentation), I play LoL, develop myself =) I got acquainted with the game in 2010, my coming into the league was a forced step, because there was nothing to play after the closing of RTW’s APB, in which I constantly held the 1st place with my community. I started to participate in tournaments since the First Regional Championship in Moscow.

Flyka: Tell us about your interests, hobbies? How do you relax in your free time? As far as I know, the team is moving from one place to another almost every week. Isn’t it hard?
NikSar: I like music very much, the last half a year I almost do not have any free time. My relaxation is very simple))) I sleep literally everywhere, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a transport or my bed at home). Moving tires, but it doesn't impede showing a decent level.

Why did you choose the position of AD-carry?
NikSar: I like the position of carry in general, it doesn’t matter if it’s AP-carry playing on mid, or any other carry)

Flyka:  The mutual understanding between AD-carry and support is very important on a bot lane. Do you and Dimonka understand each other? Do you have a good relationship?
NikSar: I communicate with him a couple of years. If we have any disagreements, we solve them together. I hope it will be like this in future.

Flyka: It is said that Korea is a strong region to be reckoned with. It’s always a big pleasure to watch the games of all Korean teams, and you can always learn something new. What do you think about Korean scene? Do you have any favorite players?
NikSar: I like to watch the games of such players as Imp and Prey. You can always find a lot of things to learn, to try and to adopt for yourself. Two weeks before a major or important tournament Koreans are training in boot camps for 15 hours per day. They are not only training their features and team play, they analyze every opponent from A to Z. And these are not empty words, I personally talked to The DARK team players, which constantly are among the top 10 of Korean teams.W: You said that you like to play as a carry. In your opinion, who is the best carry of the world? Is there any player whose game you admire? There are a lot of strong and worthy players, but you can win only if you are five, so it makes no sense to emphasize someone certain.

Flyka: Not so long ago you were playing against Team Dignitas UK. Was it hard to play against them?
NikSar: It was surprisingly comfortable to play against them, everyone worked hardly and we won 2-0, despite our silly mistakes during the game.

Flyka: Is there a difference between the playing style of European and Russian teams?
NikSar: Differences are not so big, but they exist.

Flyka: Your team participates in IEM tournament, which will take place this weekend. And the first game will be against Gambit Gaming. What do you expect from this game? Are there any previously prepared things?
NikSar: We have some prepared things, but even with them it will be hard to win against Gambit. Anyway we’ll try to show a decent playing.

Flyka: How often do you have trainings? Do you prefer “DuoQ” or “Team Rranked”?
NikSar: As all of us study at the universities, the time for trainings is given as much as we have it physically free. We have trainings at every free moment, and no matter if there are five of us available or it’s a duo with someone from the team, or we are just watching replays.

Flyka: Do you watch the replays of own games? How the correction of mistakes is carries out?
NikSar: Yes, we watch the replays, analyze mistakes all together. No other way.

Flyka: Did it happen that someone of you decided to give up and leave a team?
NikSar: Before playing in this line-up, we agreed to remain a team despite anything.

Flyka: Is the atmosphere in the team changed somehow after a series of victories in championships? Maybe, someone began to overestimate his abilities?
NikSar: We evaluate our abilities adequately, we do not have swellheads. If in life you can say something, in a game each of us works hardly even against weak opponents.

Flyka: Recently our team “Never give up” has won Techlabs and got a seed for Kazakhstan. The team had 3 replacements. Will you participate with the same team’s line-up?
NikSar: Time will show. I hope for a soon recovery of guys from “Never give up”.

Flyka: Recently, as I know, at the instigation of Fiftos the big scandal has started, as if Diamod boosted his account and sold it. What do you think about elo boosting?
NikSar: Elo boosting is not legal, so I'm against it. As to Fiftos, he just decided that everyone had forgotten about him and he needed to raise the interest to his person somehow.

Flyka: And the last question: what are you waiting from the Season 4?
NikSar: Bread and circuses!

Flyka: Thank you for your answers. I hope everything will go well, the games will be entertaining. And, good luck ))
NikSar: Thank you, good luck =3


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