Interview with manager of Courage Gaming

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Interview with manager of Courage Gaming.

Project manager: Leonid Kubyshkin
Team: Courage Gaming

SvasH:  What can you say about the new line-up of Courage Gaming?
Leonid:  Concerning the line-up itself, I can say that composition of players appeared very successful, especially taking into account the fact that guys know each other very well! Each of them is individually strong, motivated and, I think, completely devoted to the things they do.

SvasH: Can you specify anyone who stands out in the team at the moment?
Leonid:  I will not accentuate on someone. The abovementioned speaks for itself.

SvasH:  How do you think, what kind of tops these guys can achieve?
Leonid: All the projects expect something from their guys. We are not an exception. I completely trust the team’s captain. His work in this game and in its previous version proves that the person doesn’t want to retire having reached nothing! Whether the tops will be so high, we can see very soon on the upcoming new season of SLTV StarSeries. But the targets are the highest. Opponents are very serious.

SvasH: What are your plans concerning development?
Leonid: We launch an information portal, develop it completely till the end, and recruit the staff.

SvasH: What events do you plan to visit?
Leonid: We are planning to visit all the possible events with CS:GO, if such events will appear.

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