Interview with GrndPaGaming, a legendary 66-year-old streamer

Mar 03 2019 11 min read

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We have talked to GrndPaGaming, a legendary Twitch streamer, who plays a lot of Apex Legends. Here is some trivia that GrndPa shared on his Twitch channel bio:

  • 66-year-old.
  • Has a daughter and two grandchildren.
  • Over 20 years served in Navy.
  • 7-year prostate cancer survivor; takes medicine with unpleasant side-effects to recover from radiation treatment.
  • Disabled due to an injury he got while working.
  • Has a plate in the neck which occasionally causes great pain.
  • No feeling down the shoulder, making it hard to use the keyboard and mouse.

GrndPaGaming has over 160k Twitch followers. He streams enormous hours, often from early evening till the morning. GrndPa's chat moderator and a friend named Rogue also took part in the conversation.

WePlay!: How many hours per week do you play on and off stream on average?

GrndPa: I don’t know, maybe a hundred hours. Sometimes my streams are very long

Rogue: It all very much depends on how into his game he gets (laughing). When he’s having good matches and the chat is interactive we find that Gramps has a tendency to do the longer streams, but for the most part, we try to harness that back to keeping consistent stream schedule. 

GrndPa: I’ll go from noon to 5 p.m., then I take a 3-hour break and go from 8 p.m., and this is Monday through Friday. But then as Friday comes around, my eight o’clock stream can tend to go longer, even to the early morning hours. And on the weekends I go from 5 p.m. until early in the morning, Saturday and Sunday.

(Image credits to InvenGlobal)

WePlay!: How did you become a gamer?

GrndPa: It was 1976 when I started gaming. The first computer game I ever played was B-1 Bomber (a text-based game - WePlay!) on the Apple I computer. And from then on I was just hooked. When Commodore 64 came out (1982), that’s when it really got serious (laughing). I’ve been gaming ever since.

My most favorite game of all time is called Wing Commander: Privateer (1993). You can still download it through Origin.

WePlay!: So, a normal work week includes roughly 40 hours of labour, and you’ve mentioned earlier that you are putting in up to 100 hours a week on average. How do you manage to do it? What keeps you going?

GrndPa: The main reason that I’ve put so many hours into it is that it takes my mind off the pain that I go through daily.

At 2010 I was working with a communication company that deals with internet, phone and TV. I was making sure that the technicians who left the house had completed their job 100% so that another team wouldn’t have to go back in (quality control).

One night an office chair malfunctioned and threw me under the desk and my chin caught the edge of the desk and the back of the chair caught my head, and I actually was hung on the desk by the office chair. That ruptured three disks in my neck.

Hence I had the surgery and the plate was put in my neck and that was 2010.

When I went to work in late 2012 it was found that I had prostate cancer. I had to go through 5 weeks of radiation therapy and then I had surgery that put 128 radioactive seeds in my prostate gland and I suffer from the complications of that procedure. That bit happened in 2015.

It’s been 7 years from when I first found out about cancer until now.

WePlay!: So you are free from cancer, but not from the consequences of the treatment, right?

GrndPa: Yes, the cancer is gone, now I’m suffering from the after effects. I’m a cancer survivor.

I also had two heart attacks last year (2018). The first one was on the morning of May 5th. I drove myself to the hospital and the hospital staff got very agitated, asking why I didn’t call 911. I didn’t do it thinking it was just indigestion. And then in August, I lived through another heart attack.

But I’m still alive and kicking (says enthusiastically).

WePlay!: I see that! So let’s sum up: until 2010th you were a relatively healthy person without any severe issues, but then problems started piling up one after another. And now you are playing videogames and streaming a hundred hours a week on average, making money along the way. Right?

GrndPa: Yes, but I wouldn’t say I’m really earning a lot of money because I’m really not. You can’t put me up against the streamers like Dr. Disrespect, Ninja and Shroud, who make millions of dollars a year and have huge sponsors. I’m just a little guy, I’ve got no sponsors, every giveaway we have done through my stream, has come out from my own pocket.

My hat’s off to Dell, they actually did a holiday 5-part commercial campaign with me. They flew my wife and me out to New York and provided me with a new computer.

I am actively looking for sponsors, I’ve written emails to many companies.

WePlay!: So, you say you are looking for a sponsor, and I have a follow-up question to that. Have you considered working in the esports industry?

GrndPa: Wow, that is a hard question.

One of the things I love to do during the stream is I like to influence people, expressly the younger generation. My goal is to teach them that you should play the game properly and the only way to get good in the game is to just keep practising.

And I’m probably one of the biggest advocates against cheating in games on the planet. If someone is cheating and I see it, I’ll know it instantly.

From day one of the first person shooters, I’ve been catching cheaters right and left.

And, for the older generation, I like to say, “Look, I have physical problems and I’m doing it, I’m having fun doing it. Go out and do it.”

I’ll share hints and battle techniques that translate from my real-life experiences and crossover into the game to be successful.

WePlay!: So you wouldn’t mind being a caster.

GrndPa: I would probably be an outstanding caster, provided I do a good research on the game.

WePlay!: When did you first notice that you bring life experience into a game?

GrndPa: PUBG was one of the big ones. I took my real-life experience and translated it into the game, and I was very successful in doing that.

WePlay!: Let’s discus the game you’ve been playing a lot on your stream lately – Apex Legends.

GrndPa: Sure.

Apex is the most complete first-person shooter Battle Royal upon launch I have ever seen. It’s just phenomenal.

There are just a few things that I need to fix.

WePlay!: Can you point those things out?

GrndPa: The one thing they need to fix is that when you are in the game and you start looting, your mouse will go off the monitor and you’ll be kicked out to the desktop. It will take about 10-15 secs to go back into the game. It happens when you have multiple monitors.

Another thing is when you are in the scope mode your teammate's name above his head disappears. So, I’m shooting at my teammates from time to time thinking I’m shooting at the enemy.

Rogue: It happened the other night when we were playing. And I was shooting at Gramps.

GrndPa: One more thing is when your squad member is down, there is a big triangle that covers your teammate with the name and everything. The enemy can hide behind that and you can’t see them. They can shoot through the downed ally, but you can’t. and it’s actively exploited. 

WePlay!: A new Apex Legends character named Octane has been leaked recently. What do you think about him? Do you find him OP?

GrndPa: I think the only thing that would make him outstanding is the Launch Pad. Increased movement speed for 6 seconds is not too important.

I don’t think Octane is overpowered. It’s like the medic, you put up the little healing device and everyone can use it, even the enemy. Same thing with the Launch Pad.

WePlay!: Thank you very much for your insights! I have a couple of questions on other various topics.

GrndPa: Sure, go ahead.

WePlay!: I’m 31-year-old, and I’d love to get my parents and grandparents to play video games. Can you advise me on how I could achieve that?

GrndPa: Sure! Just tell them to come to watch me :). They will say, “If he can do it, I can do it too.”

WePlay!: What is the worst about streaming video games? Is it the Twitch chat? Having to put up a good show even when you’re on a losing streak?

GrndPa: The haters. I’ve had two life threats on my Twitch account. That annoys me and the people who violate the stream rules. My stream rules are simple: no religion, no racism, no politics, no family bashing (you can bash me all you want but when it comes to family, you are out), there’s no room for it in my chat and I won’t put up with it.

WePlay!: Good that you outlined that because I had five questions about Donald Trump, I’ll just scratch them.

GrndPa: Yeah (laughing).

(Image credits to InvenGlobal)

WePlay!: Do you consume any stimulants like coffee or energy drinks?

GrndPa: I’m drinking Maxwell House Coffee as we speak, and my favorite drink is diet Dr Pepper with cherry. 

WePlay!: Name the thing that you purchased for less than $100 which brought you the most happiness in your life.

GrndPa: I would have to say that it's my wedding bands. I never take my ring off.

The only time this ring was taken off was when I went into surgery. I threw a fit but they said that if they had to resuscitate me, it would burn my skin off.

WePlay!: What do your friends and former colleagues think about your current occupation? Do they envy you?

GrndPa: AARP magazine did an article on trendsetters over 50+ and put my picture there. My brother in law was joking that now he would have to make reservations to talk to me. I answered that AARP just put my picture in that, not anything I said.

Honestly, I can’t explain it. All over the world: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Bulgaria, Mexico, Norway, Germany. And the list goes on. Even in China, people tell to myself that I’m famous there. And I’m thinking to myself, “Famous? Now, you know, Goerge Washington, that’s famous, Abraham Lincoln, that’s famous, Eisenhauer, that’s famous.”

Rogue: Gramps is very humble.

GrndPa: Here are some stories about my family. My Aunt who is 83, happened to be watching one of the streams (I don’t know how because I constantly have to go over to her house and fix the computer). In a conversation with my wife, she said, “I didn’t know he talks like that, he was so salty.” I was really surprised because I have no idea how she even knows the term “salty” (laughing).

Most of my family are behind me 100%. They come to my stream and talk to me.

My nephew comes in, and he’ll watch my stream. I see him and I say, “Hey, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning on a school night, what are you doing here? I will have to tell your dad tomorrow that you are here.” And he says ”It’s ok, my dad is also here watching you right now.”

My staff, I don’t know where I’d be without my friends. They are the people who lifted me to where I am and where I am going now. If you don’t have good staff behind you, you’re not going to succeed, because they are always watching you, making suggestions on where to take it. Prime example on Rogue — she is always watching and saying, “Gramps, you can’t do this,” or “Don’t do it anymore.”

I guess the two main people on my “staff” (it’s funny to call them so) are Rogue and then we have AdminFromHell who does my streaming stuff and tech support. If there is any trouble, I just message him. The problem with that is that he is 7 hours ahead of me and if I’m gaming at 8 o’clock at night, for him in Norway it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. He’s just tireless and he’s always there.

They are both very close friends of mine and I’ve never met them (laughing).

Rogue: Yet!

I have a very big respect for GrndPa, it’s great blessing and opportunity that I’ve had working with him. I mean, who cannot just love him and what he does? A person in his retirement who enjoys what they do, and laugh, and have fun. He is nothing but the true role model, and we constantly tell that to him.

GrndPa: They are slowly pulling the reigns in to get me down to where I’m having fun again, I’m actually laughing. The incident of last night. The best trolling, I have pulled off in years (laughing) happened recently.

(the video of “the troll” GrndPa pulled off)

I don’t know if my friends and family are envious. One of my brothers in law, who is a millionaire, came to me and was amazed. He said, “Wow, this is your studio? Can you help me set up a studio?” I agreed, for sure.

WePlay!: If you had to choose a single game to play for the rest of your life, what would it be?

GrndPa: Apex. (Instant reply)

There are four games that I totally love and to be honest, one of the games that I play and the majority of the viewers love too, is called theHunter: Call of the Wild. The two others are No Man’s Sky and Subnautica.

But Apex is the game that I’m having the most fun playing.

WePlay!: Imagine you could be born in a different universe or at a different time. What would it be?

GrndPa: I would like to look through the eyes of Neil Armstrong when he first set foot on the moon. He is probably, other than my dad and my father, the truest hero for me. 

*               *               *               *               *               *               *               *               *               *               *

Thank you very much for the interview, it’s been a great pleasure talking to you!

There was another interview with GrndPaGaming made by Inven Global a couple of years ago, (we have used their photos). If you want to know more about the man, check it out here.

Where you can find GrndPaGaming:

Twitch (He is probably streaming as you read this)




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