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Today I would like to present you an interview with the player of one of the strongest teams in Europe – with Barshak «Fnggshka» Artiom, captain of Belarusian team PowerRangers.

Good afternoon, dear users of WePlay.TV! Today I would like to present you an interview with the player of one of the strongest teams in Europe – with Barshak «Fnggshka» Artiom, captain of Belarusian team PowerRangers.

- Hi, Artiom, tell the users of WePlay.TV, what do you do now, besides dota? Do you have any new interesting hobbies, changes in your personal life? Tell us a little bit about Real Life...

- Hi, I do not have a hobby, I’m just relaxing and playing Dota.

- We would like to know, what is your favorite informational portal about Dota2 and why?

- I think, it's still Joindota, as it is an easiest way to get information I need :)

- Besides the playing career, would you like to do something else? What kind of things could you be interested in?

- It’s difficult to say, I have no any special interests. Except for… I still want to learn to play some musical instrument.

- In big sport athletes have certain age after which they have to leave the professional sport. Is there such kind of age for e-sports players? And what do you think, when is it time for e-sports players to come back to real life?

- It’s difficult to say. E-sports came on a worthy level just recently. I think, soon we’ll know this age, when all grand players leave the scene.

- Well, let’s talk about Dota, as it’s the main topic of our interview. And the first question, interesting for many people, why is top 7?

- It is hard to judge, this season was a bit harder than the previous one, since the teams were more prepared. We did, probably, everything what we could, but somewhere internet, somewhere something else did not allow us to get into lan-finals.

- You start all the tournaments better than anyone else, you overplay the best teams of the world, even make them publicly declare, that they do not know how to beat you out. But as soon as there is a middle of the tournament, and you meet the teams of a little bit higher level, you start to lose. What are the reasons?

- Maybe we just know a 'secret' of victory over the best teams in the world ;)

- I would also like to ask about your affairs in other tournaments. I began to notice that you are getting more and more invitations to tournaments and thus more often appear on professional Dota scene. What has changed, why are such sudden changes?

- I think this is due to the stability of our playing and line-up.

- I’ve heard about your new sponsor, namely ESFXTV. How do you work together, what is the atmosphere inside the team under sponsorship of this company? Do you like the things they develop and how does it influence the team?

- All people are pleasant. It’s easy to communicate with them. Definitely I like it, although everyone makes mistakes, but they are like us - always progressing. It influences, of course, in a positive way.

- Is your new organization going to carry out a boot camp for you, and how soon?

- One boot camp we have already had, the second one is going to be carried out in the nearest time. Our boot camps do not depend on the organization, it provides us with all the conditions we need. Everything depends on us, on our time when we can get together.

- Now you participate in CIS Carnage 2014, can you tell us your impressions about the organization of the tournament, system of carrying out and other things you’d like to tell?

- I'm probably not the person who should judge the organization of online tournaments. I am a player, I entered the game created by admin, streamers are making their job there and we are playing. Usually most of delays are made by the players themselves. That’s why I can’t say something bad about the organizers.

- At this tournament you got into the losers bracket, and then you managed to get into the final bracket from it. How did you rate your chances before the tournament and in the middle?

- We will be trying for 100%, as most of our 'main' competitors are here :)

- Soon Dota 2 Champions League will start, what do you think about the teams participating in the league?

- If we talk about the participants, then all the best teams are there. So we hope to show our force in this league!

- Very soon you'll participate in 2 more events: PD Cup Winter and Yard White Festival. What do you think about these tournaments, as both of them are based on the game with teams of non-star level, but for participation in qualifications of Yard White Festival you need to make some payments, will this affect the tournament itself?

- We decided to participate in all tournaments of such kind, because we do not have enough practice in official games. I think that it will not affect the tournament much: those, who want to play, will be able to find a small sum of money for participation.

- Just in 1-2 months the invitational process for The International 4 will be started. How do you think who will be the first invited, and why?

- It’s too early to talk about this, now there are a lot of rumors about disbands and reshuffles :)

- This year, more than ever, begins with big changes: a lot of tournaments, a lot of money, teams have no time for everything, they are facing the problem of time lack and terrible fatigue. How do all these factors affect your team?

- We do not have such problems, that’s all I can say.

- Last year you didn’t participate in TI3, but you show good results now. How do you think, if you continue at the same pace, will you receive the invitation?

- Direct invitation means the recognition by such organization as Valve, it means that you're really good in this game. I think we still need to work hard to receive it.

- What are your purposes for the future: for the nearest and distant ones?

- The goal is definitely TI 4, but before it, of course, to show the results wherever possible.

- You can say hi to WePlay.TV users, your friends, relatives, or anyone you want.

- I’d like to say hi to WePlay.TV portal, all our fans and people who know me. Thanks also to our sponsors ESFX for their support.


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