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Edward "Edward" Abgarian is a professional player of League of Legends and support of Gambit Gaming.

Edward "Edward" Abgarian is a professional player of League of Legends and support of Gambit Gaming. Prior to League of Legends he played Warcraft III and various custom games. Before joining Gambit Gaming in January 2013 he was known as "GoSu Pepper". In June 2013 he left Gambit Gaming, but returned in November.

Flyka: When you started to play LoL was there any player who inspired you? Whom you were watching over and trying to learn from?

Edward: If I’m not mistaken, I was watching CLG.NA - Elementz, I just liked the way he played, I almost didn’t follow any players in those days.

Flyka: How do you think, what are the most important things while playing at the position of support?

Edward: The main thing in support position is understanding of the game in general, understanding of the situation (every second, every moment that happens on the map), mechanics: the possession of heroes, skillshots, etc. It's nonsense, when someone says that support just should buy wards and do nothing else. Our position is one of the most difficult in the game. Support = Jungler> TOP> MID> ADC with respect to difficulty (my opinion).

Flyka: As a support, what points can you allocate for warding?

Edward: It doesn’t matter if you are a support or not, everyone should have an adequate understanding of the game, it means that you have to know where wards are needed. Every match is different from the others (characters, side, etc.). It’s much easier on the lane, you understand this perfectly, but the most important thing is the map control in the mid and late game.

Flyka: How do you think, do you have something individuating you among other supports?

Edward: I even don’t know, in a game like League of Legends 99% depend on what you have in your head, maybe I'm just smarter in terms of LoL than the other players. 1% are the fingers)) How fast you press the buttons)

Flyka: Why do you prefer the position of support?

Edward: I do not prefer the position of support :) It's hard to believe, but I didn’t play at a support position before joining the team (Empire - M5 - Gambit). I played all and for fun. If you even watch CIS tournaments where I participated with different teams, you will hardly see me on a support position (before Gambit Gaming).

Flyka: For your opinion, are there champions who are difficult to be played on pro levels or in special bundles?

Edward: I will not talk about all the positions, I would say about support heroes a bit. It is very difficult to play for Nami, Blitzcrank and Nunu. These heroes have always been in a support pool, but they are quite difficult for playing, because they are enough predictable and, for example, it’s difficult for Nami to strike with Q-spell, although it’s her main spell. Situation with Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab is the same. And there are a lot of such heroes.

Flyka: When the new champion appears, how do you usually adapt yourself to this hero or test him/her? Do you play against bots, 1 vs 1, with the team?

Edward: I read about this hero (about the spells and their abilities), watch videos (if available) and play SoloQ, the place where this champion will be taken for sure)

Flyka: If to choose among the all champions, whom would you like to transfer in real life?

Edward: In real life? No, thank you)) I have enough of League of Legends on my computer )))

Flyka: And what about your further tournaments? Where else can we see your games?

Edward: Our closest matches will be in Battle of Atlantics. I advice everyone to join our group in VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter, where you can follow all the events connected with our team, as well as on my pages.

Links - Gambit Twitter - Gambit Facebook - Gambit ВК - Мой Твиттер - Мой ВК - Мой Facebook

Flyka: Is there is a team in upcoming tournaments, against which you wouldn’t like to play?

Edward: There are no such teams and I think there will not be. It’s necessary to win all the teams!

Flyka: To your opinion, is there something in LoL that needs to be significantly changed?

Edward: I’m sure that if I don’t like something, the other person in contrary can like this. That’s why I think that there isn’t a need to change something.

Flyka: What’s your opinion about the differences of between CIS LoL stage and American or Asian?

Edward: To tell you the truth, I don’t know.

Flyka: How do you think, why Russian stage is developing so slowly?

Edward: Russian teams are breaking up all the time, there are no serious organizations as in Europe and America.

Flyka: What can you advice to the players who are just starting to play LoL?

Edward: Play for your enjoyment! It’s the most important thing.

Flyka: Do you have any wishes or greetings?

Edward: I would like to thank all our fans, especially Russians, for their support and pleasant messages. And, of course, I’d like to thank our sponsors BenQ , SteelSeries , Pringles , Twitch.

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