Interview with Archi (Dulche) from Never Give Up team.

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Interview with Archi (Dulche), support of Never Give Up team.

Nickname : Archi (Dulche)

Team: Never give up

Position: support

Favorite heroes: Zyra, Annie, Tresh


Flyka: Hi! Please introduce yourself, tell us how you got to League of Legends.

Archie: Hi, my name is Viacheslav “Archie” Iegorov, I play in Never Give Up team on the position of support. My friend invited me to play in League of Legends, an ordinary story. :)

Flyka: What are your favorite champions?

Archie: Zyra, Annie, Tresh.

Flyka: Why they?

Archie MWP: All of them can beat a face almost with no assistance of AD-carry, as well as their hardCC gives a big bonus to a team.

Flyka: How did you get to the professional scene? What tournaments, excluding Techlabs, did you participated in?

Archie: I played with foreign teams such as Pulse Esports, mYR and TTD. With foreign teams I played in many tournaments, but with Russian guys, something did not go. :)

Flyka: Why do you prefer the position of support?

Archie: Supports are like ninjas. They are not noticeable, but do a great job staying in the shade!

Flyka: So, are you officially in team’s line-up now holding the position of its captain?

Archie: The main support of Never Give UP is Makemesplit, but he has some problems at the moment, and I have to substitute him. Also I’m a trainer of this team.


Flyka: You received a seed to Kazakhstan, with what line-up are you going to participate there? After all, the team had 3 replacements.

Archie: We will go with the current line-up. Organizers forbade to make replacements.

Flyka: Ok, let’s talk about Techlabs now.  Who did invite you for substitution?

Archie: The whole team, I communicate with all of players and have already recommended myself from the best side.

Flyka: Did you like the tournament organization?

Archie: Yes, Techlabs becomes better and better each year.

Flyka: How were you preparing for that game?

Archie: I had a very serious approach to that game, as we needed the 2-0 victory. We examined the opponent completely.

Flyka: As we know, Fomko and Niksar are the players of The Red. Were they preparing with you or with the line-up of their main team?

Archie: They were preparing with their line-up, but 2 days before the game we discussed everything we could. :)

Flyka: Did you like to play with Niksar? Were there any problems?

Archie: Niksar is my first AD-carry (sounds funny), we played together for a long time and know how to play with each other. :)

Flyka: Flashinthenight said that those 3 replacements made the line-up stronger. Do you agree with him?

Archie:  No, I don’t agree.

Flyka: Can you say what did you do better? Maybe you foresaw the movements of opposing team or something else?

Archie: We knew the opponent and we were ready for them.

Flyka: What player of the other team would you single out?

Archie: Dayruin, most likely. He has a good mechanics.  


Flyka: Tell us how did you psych up for a game?

Archie: Moral training, turning off the emotions and complete isolation from external irritants during the games.

Flyka: Do you have any certain purposes for the 4th season?

Archie: Of course, I’d like to keep the position of top support in Russia, and to get to LCS.

Flyka: There will be big changes in League of Legends now, and they will concern supports significantly. How do you estimate them? Have you already started to prepare?

Archie: I evaluate all the changes positively, especially the changes regarding supports. I have been already started to prepare for a new meta.

Flyka: What players would you like to play with?

Archie: I’d like to stay in line-up of Never Give UP as a player, but they have a strong line-up, and it’s better not to shatter it with replacements. Besides this, with Gambit Gaming. I’ve been asking for a membership in this team for quite a long time. :D

Flyka: What kind of advice can you give to the players who are just starting to play?

Archie: Keep your morale at the level, do not give the negative meanings to ​​defeats. Every defeat is one more step to a victory.

Flyka: Any wishes, greetings?

Archie: Greetings to Plushker, the best streamer ever!) To my team and fans who supported me in hard times! I thank all of you, you’re the best!) Also the best regards to WePlay portal, in particular to Ievgeniy Green GT. :)

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