Interview with a WePlay! Dota Underlords Open participant — Joseph

Aug 03 2019 3 min read

Interview with a WePlay! Dota Underlords Open participant — Joseph ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Only eight players left in our tournament — the strongest and talented men. And we know that you're interested in learning more about each participant, so we talked with them about their plans and experience during WePlay! Dota Underlords Open.

We don't know much about Joseph (Twitch), but today we'll know what does he think about Artifact and how many hours he played in Dota Underlords.

Tell us about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? What do you like to do besides playing video games?

 I'm 20 years old from Ontario, Canada. Besides playing video games I like watching video games.

For how long had you been playing DAC or other autobattlers before switching to Underlords?

Shortly after DAC came out (late January) I was playing it most days with only a couple weeks of a break. Switched to Underlords as the season of DAC came to an end.

Which member of our talent crew would you choose as your personal esports Godfather?

I heard swim's been hyping me up alot, I guess I will choose him.

How will you spend the $8k prize you can get by winning?

Rent probably, I'm not much of a spender.

What was most challenging during the qualifiers?

Deciding to commit to America qualifier, when both of the schedules spanned out across like 20 straight hours. I chose it because it was better for me to play late at night than extremely early in the morning, and because I thought a lot of good EU players were going to drop out into EU. This ended up happening, so there wasn't as much competition which definitely improved my odds for qualifying.

How many hours have you spent playing Underlords? 

319 hours as of right now.

What do you love and what do you hate the most in Dota Underlords?

I love that Underlords took a similar route as DAC, where I feel there is a lot more breathing room and decisions to be made than that other game. I don't really like the fact that you are kind of glued to your screen in the game, you aren't able to just move your camera a bit to see another player, and the minimap was a very useful thing for late game that makes late game positioning much more annoying now. I also really liked the fact that I could move around a little character in DAC.

How many Underlords’ three-star Axes (★ ★ ★) do you think it would take to defeat the Axe from Artifact?

Never really played or watched much Artifact, so i'll just say 43.

If you had the ability of Arc Warden – effortlessly producing a perishable copy of you — what would be the first thing you'd do with it?

Tell him to go away.

Which character are you looking forward to being added to the Dota Underlords roster?

I hope they add the Underlord himself, make him a 6 cost unit that runs into the middle of the enemy and teleports them all away and deletes them from existence.

How many more patches do you think it will take to make the Shaman tag viable?

 If by viable you mean something you start building from the early game, then at least 2 more until they make Enigma a 3 cost unit.

You can watch Joseph matches today at 19:00 CEST on our official Twitch channel. Also, follow the Dota Underlords Open tag to see all tournament's information - recaps, schedule and interviews.


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