Intel Challenge Katowice with $30k

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A $30,000 female tournament called Intel Challenge Katowice 2016 will take place during Intel Extreme Masters Katowice on March 5-6.

Similarly to last year, this year's global finals of Intel Extreme Masters 10th season will play host to a female tournament Intel Challenge Katowice, featuring $30,000 in prizemoney.

Zainab "zAAz" Turkie's Bad Monkey Gaming came out victorious from the 2015 edition after defeating Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey's Ubinited and a German CM Storm lineup.

This year the tournament will double the amount of teams from four to eight, with five invited from Europe, North America, and Asia, while the remaining three will come from a couple of qualifiers (one from North America's, two from Europe's qualifier).

To sign up for the qualifiers, head over to the respective pages on

According to the press release teams interested to get invited to the event are to fill out a form before January 21st.


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