Insomniac confirmed the length of Spider-Man gameplay

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You can beat the game on weekends if you want to

Communications director of Insomniac Games James Stevenson has revealed that 20 hours is enough for the walkthrough of Spider-Man. Stevenson has mentioned these numbers when replying on Twitter.

It’s worth noting, that 20 hours is the average result achieved by the testers. Stevenson wrote that 20 hours is how much normally it will take to finish the game on the medium difficulty level. You can achieve this number if you’re the ordinary player, who doesn’t want to challenge himself on the highest difficulty levels or finish up every single optional mission.

For comparison, most Insomniac games last about 10 hours. One of the most notable exceptions is the exclusive Sunset Overdrive released by Xbox One in 2014. Only 20 hours of gameplay on the default difficulty level is required in case you’re only completing some of the side quests and collect only few unique items. Therefore, regarding the time to beat the game, Spider-Man is much more like Sunset Overdrive than other Insomniac franchises, such as Resistance 3, Fuse or Ratchet & Clank 2016. So it seems quite plausible to finish the game during the weekends so you won’t go back on it later

Spider-Man is going to be released on September 7, exclusively for PS4.

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