Infamous Gaming build new roster around Papita

Sep 13 2019 2 min read

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South American organisation, Infamous Gaming recently announced its new Dota 2 roster on Twitter. Mariano “Papita” Caneda returns to the team and represents its foundation. 

On August 29, Infamous released the Team Anvorgesa roster it signed in early July and began to rebuild its squad once more. All through the year, Infamous saw a series of signings and releases thanks to unhappy results. Even the Anvorgesa roster couldn't stay after making a 7th-8th finish at The International 2019

Joining Papita are two veteran players who are also former Infamous members, while the last two are promising but relatively unknown additions. 

Benjamín "Benjaz" Lanao Barrios returns to Infamous for the second time. He originally joined in 2016 for roughly a year before moving to Infamous Young and then White Dragons. He later returned to Infamous in May 2019 but only spent a week as team management decided it wanted to go in a different direction. 

Next is Sebastian “Robo-Z” Velarde who played for Infamous Young in 2018 and then Infamous earlier this year. He left in March and now returns to fill the role of carry. 

The two newcomers are Alexis “sl4d1n-” Cepeda who played for Infamous.Black in 2017 and Christian “Alucard” Kimura who was formerly known as Madara. They both have years of experience playing for tier three teams, so joining Infamous is a huge step up for them. 

It is quite possible that even this roster isn't safe. It looks like the organisation barely managed to assemble the roster in time to compete in Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season One. Patita and the squad's results at this event will most likely determine how long they will remain with Infamous, but they're clearly the most recognised organisation participating. 


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