Indian player was caught while cheating at Extremesland Asia Finals

Oct 20 2018 2 min read

Indian player was caught while cheating at Extremesland Asia Finals ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

The eSport world has many rules you have to follow while you playing on a competitive level. But one rules them all. DON’T CHEAT! Like ever… 

In India (where the industry is not so advanced as in Europe or America) players seem to don’t know about this rule. Nikhil forsakenKumawat was caught in an elimination match by admins while OpTic India was playing against Kazakh team Revolution. In elimination map, OpTic India won their first map de_Inferno 16:7 and the second map was half-way done when a long pause ensued. Afterwards, admin teams announced that forsaken was using cheats in the match.

With knowing that, the whole team was disqualified from the tournament immediately, while forsaken being sent home in the next flight. The rest of the players had already distanced themselves from forsaken by cutting ties the player right after the match, with director Jesal Parekh insisting that the rest of the lineup had no knowledge of any wrongdoing from the 23-year-old.

A day ago, The North American organization itself has announced that they are parted way with the whole Indian roster with immediate effect, saying " we stand strongly against any form of cheating". Looks like Nikhil Kumawat will be truly forsaken soon... 


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