Humm headset can make you play better

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Humm headset can make you play better

This brain-hacking device can stimulate your brain and improve performance while gaming

American startup called Humm is developing a headset that stimulates brain activity and allows to gain better results in gaming. Theoretically, all you need to do is to wear the device for 15 minutes and for the next hour you experience an improved cognitive performance.

The device sends electrical signals to your brain that amplifies certain wave patterns. Similar technology has been previously used to treat conditions like insomnia and clinical depression. Now it can help to improve performance at work and during gaming sessions.

Here is what a Humm co-founder Tim Fiori said in an interview sighted by VentureBeat:

“We started testing it with gaming a year ago, with esports gamers. We saw that we get 12 percent to 20 percent better results. It doesn’t make you superhuman instantly. It’s a strategy, like meditation and other things you can do to boost performance.”

This charming device is poised to hit the market in 2019 and its retail price should be around $500. I wonder if it will be allowed during esports matches, or if tournament organizers will treat such headsets as if they were a form of doping.

Hopefully, the Humm headset is truly harmless and will only cause fatigue, similar to the feeling we get after long work days. Gaming is one of the safest recreational activities, and it should remain to be so.

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