How to Upgrade and Level Up Units in Dota Underlords

Jul 07 2019 2 min read

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Upgrading the level of your creatures in Dota Underlords is one of the significant mechanics for victory. Players who don't pay attention to this fact in the first half of the match are doomed to fail. We'll talk about how this system works and give practical advice for you to upgrade units more efficiently.

How to upgrade units in Dota Underlords

You'll need to get 3 units with the same stars to increase the level of the creature:

  • 3 units with ★ = 1 unit with ★ ★
  • 3 units with  ★ ★ = 1 unit with ★ ★ ★

For example, if you want to get Axe with the maximum level, you need to have 9 copies of Axe with ★ and spend at least 9 coins, if you don't have to spend in-game money for the store update. You'll see the special indicator when any improvements appear in the store.

The benefits of improved units in Dota Underlords 

You can learn about improving certain parameters of a unit after getting an extra star from the special menu, which contains visual statistics:


Increasing the level doesn't affect the effectiveness of alliances and synergies, and also doesn't add any skills. Besides noticeable changes in the characteristics, the improved hero occupies 1 cell on the field (since 3 units are combined in 1), which automatically adds you a slot without additional finances.

Tips for level up units in Dota Underlords

  • You should avoid updating the shape store in the early game because it spends 2 gold each. You can find much more efficient use of the in-game currency.
  • Don't be afraid to buy units, if there are empty cells on the field. Thus, the chance to get a two-star unit before everyone else is significantly increased.
  • All acquired units can be sold in the future for 100% of the cost, without casualties.
  • You should concentrate on upgrading the level of the most effective units to the second, instead of spending on maximizing the favorite one prematurely. First, this is much easier to achieve. Secondly, such a tactic turns out to be much safer for the victory of the entire squad and the saving own health points.

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